Peter Phong D Cao – CEO and Founder of VEM

History of our CEO – Peter Phong D Cao

Peter has the background in English Literatures graduating from the University of Social Sciences and Humanities of Ho Chi Minh city. After having worked for several years in some relevant areas, he set up his own business known as Toan Thang Foreign Language Company. He earned experience in providing English training services to many people who learnt the language for migration, overseas study, investment or travel purposes. Peter, however, decided to move to Australia for better opportunities.

Peter Phong D Cao
Mr. Phong Cao – CEO & Founder of VEM

Peter’s achievements in Australia

He had first upgraded his knowledge and then pursued his career in the migration field. He obtained qualifications in business, Australian migration and others including:

  • Graduate Diploma of Divinity of Trinity Theological College.
  • Diploma of Business Administration of Australian Institute of Commerce and Technology.
  • GraduateDiploma of Migration Law and Practice of The Australian National University.

Peter’s ambition and vision

As a migrant himself, Peter got backgrounds and life experience of the two cultures he, therefore, understands and empathises with people who are preparing to migrate to or have been already in Australia looking for the permanent residence opportunity.


Peter is not only professional in advising his clients to find their best visa solutions but also accompany them until they are able to settle in Australia.


Peter’s current position is the CEO of Victory Education Migration Company – VEM, which has offices in Australia and overseas. He is a registered migration consultant licensed by MARA and a member of the Australian Migration Institute.

Peter believes in and applies these key factors to his clients’ success: profound knowledge, high conduct and deep empathy combined in a professional way.

VEM’s standing-out points in providing services:


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Migration Institute of Australia
Peter is member of Migration Institute of Australia (12648)


  • VEM has offices in Australia and overseas.

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