Pre University – Foundation Program in Australia

Dubbed the paradise for overseas study, Australia has become a dream destination for international students all over the world. To prepare your doorstep for entry to Australian Universities/ Colleges, join VEM to find out the Pre University – Foundation Program information that VEM directly links with Phoenix Academy.

Khóa học dự bị Đại học tại Úc

Why take a Pre University – Foundation Program?

For those who are looking forward to studying in Australia, this course is definitely a course that brings many opportunities for you. This course is seen as a bridge for studentsc to enter the university door of prestigious universities more smoothly.

Who is this course for?

This course will enable you to meet the requirements for both English and formal admission to Australian Universities/ Colleges. After taking the course, you can find a job with working time in accordance with Australian regulations that cover the costs for yourself.

Khóa học Úc cho Cử nhân kinh tế

For many VEM students, participating in the Pre University – Foundation Program is not only an exciting experience, but also a challenge for young people, dreaming of dreams and making dreams come true. What about you, you will become the next?

Students’ rights to attend Pre University – Foundation Program

  • By becoming a student of the course, you will enjoy the following benefits:
  • You can transfer to famous universities and colleges in Australia without taking the IELTS/ PTE test
  • Learn professional skills from leading professional instructors in Australia
  • Class sizes are small, so students will receive more attention
  • Expand relationships with friends from all over the world
  • Consult the study route according to individual requirements. Depending on your level, you may be advised on the appropriate route
  • Flexible opening hours on every Monday, convenient for you to register to join at any time

Pre University – Foundation Program

The program is suitable for those who want to study the following subjects:

  • 500 Business Communications (501, 502)
  • Accounting 500
  • Research & Business Statistics Skills 500
  • Legal Framework 500
  • Information System 500
  • WHS Policies and Procedures

In addition to the University preparatory program, VEM also offers courses with the top 5 education partners:

You can study in Australia today through the Pre University – Foundation Program that VEM links directly with the Phoenix Academy.