Take advantage of summer holidays to experience life in Australia, why not? The purpose of the study tours in Australia is to provide students with a short-term English training program in Australia. At the same time, you will experience life in the kangaroo courtry along with the native culture. A meaningful summer is waiting for you!

Who is the study tours in Australia for?

Study tours in Australia are programs specifically designed for students aged 11-17 years old. This course provides an opportunity to experience the English language environment during the summer holidays. Thereby, you can improve your language skills. At the same time, studying abroad in Australia also gives young people the opportunity to experience life, people, culture, lifestyle in Australia.

study tours in Australia to improve your English

Over the years, the holiday study abroad program has continued to show its charisma. Parents can also see this as a meaningful gift for the children every summer holiday.

Benefits of students attending study tours in Australia

Become a student of the study tours in Australia, you will enjoy 4 great benefits. These benefits will promote the overall development of students’ language and skills. At the same time, your relationship with international friends is also suggested.

The benefits these summer courses bring to students:

  • Combine English with an Australian homestay experience
  • Many useful activities bring students many interesting experiences
  • Get the chance to make friends with students from around the world
  • experience Australia – people, culture, lifestyle, environment and wildlife

Summary of study tours in Australia

With these study tours in Australia, during the summer holidays, you can quickly improve your language skills. Parents can also help their children have a solid baggage for the future, paving the way for their dreams of studying in Australia and settling in Australia through this short-term summer program.

The course is designed in accordance with the holiday of students:

  • The course takes 8 weeks
  • Available from basic to advanced English levels for you to choose from:
    • Low level: Focus on communicative language skills
    • High level: emphasis on accuracy, vocabulary, complex grammar structure
  • Native English teachers, highly skilled
  • Interactive, student-centered teaching
  • Use the latest teaching technology

Short-term summer study program in Australia

Depending on their needs, students can choose the program that best suits them. The differences between these 3 programs are aimed at bringing a variety of choices for students:

English + Homestay + EntertainmentCharges include:

– Registration fee

– Tuition

– Airport farewell fee

– Homestay and 2 half-day activities (3 hours) per week

English + Entertainment (not at homestay)Charges include:- Registration fee

– Tuition

– 2 half-day activities (3 hours) per week

English + Entertainment (inactive)Charges include:- Registration fee

– Tuition

– Airport farewell fee

– At the homestay

Parents and students who have not yet selected the appropriate program, can contact VEM. VEM experts will give you the most direct and specific advice.

In addition to the summer study abroad program, VEM also offers courses with the top 5 education providers:

The study tours in Australia are designed in a variety of ways to bring a wide range of options for students. Summer study abroad course is really a solution for students to improve their English skills.