Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

VEM (Victory Education Migration) understands that you (customers) always care about your personal information. You are always concerned about how we secure and where we keep your information. To respond to your concerns, we commit your information that you have provided will be highly secured and used in a reasonable way to improve our service quality.

We only use some of your information and username as we mention in this Privacy Policy.

You can access our website as anonymous which means you do not need to provide any personal information to us.


When you access our website , the information and data that we collect to improve our services and your further access: your name: phone number and email address. You need to provide the required information not only to use our service but also help us to keep in touch with.

Limitation on using information

We use your information that you provide in order to:

  • Provide our services.
  • Give you the latest update information.
  • Contact individual customers to consult for special scenarios.

We do not use member’s personal information for any other purposes. However, in the case if there is a request from legal authorities, VEM will be responsible for cooperating in providing your personal information for investing.

In conclusion, no one has the authority to have your information unless the legal authorities.

Committing to secure member’s personal information

VEM commits to secure your personal information on our website according to our Privacy Policy. We can only use member’s personal information when they agree unless there is a request from the legal authorities.
Our Privacy Policy can be revised at any time when necessary and the new update will be on our website

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