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Let’s explore this Subclass 114 visa together

After having settled down in Australia, many people wish to bring their family members and relatives to Australia, especially, who are dependent and aged to be looked after.

The information about Subclass 114 visa may help you with your application.

What is a Subclass 114 visa?

This is a permanent visa that allows a single elderly who totally depends on their Australian relative for financial support to come and live in Australia.

visa subclass 114 processing time
What is a Subclass 114 visa?

Benefits of an Aged Dependent Relative Visa

  • Staying in Australian permanently.
  • Studying and Working in Australia.
  • Having Australian medicare.
  • Having multiple travels between your country and Australia.
  • Applying for Australian citizenship (if meet requirements).
  • Including your family members (must be under 18 years old or older, single and totally dependent to the applicant).

Requirements for a Subclass 114 visa

For applicants

  • Must depend on your relatives for support in Australia for at least 3 years.
  • Must have no partner.
  • Must meet the health and character requirements.
  • Must obtain Assurance of Support.
  • Must be from 65 – 67 years old or older:
Date of birth Ages
From 01/07/1952 to 31/12/1953 65.5
From 01/01/1954 to 30/6/1955 66
From 01/07/1955 to 31/12/1956 66.5
Before 01/01/1957 67

For sponsors

  • Must be an Australian citizen or an Australian permanent resident or an eligible New Zealand citizen.
  • Must provide accommodation, financial support and assurance support for the applicant.
  • Must have sponsorship approved.

Documents to apply for an Aged Dependent Relative Visa

For applicants

  • Identity documents.
  • Character documents.
  • A passport.
  • Proof of your relationship with your relatives.
  • Proof that you are dependent on your relatives.

For sponsors

  • Sponsorship documents.
  • Proof of citizen or permanent resident.
  • Financial documents.

Depending on each circumstance, the DHA may require more information and documents.

visa subclass 114
Documents to apply for an Aged Dependent Relative Visa

Cost of an Aged Dependent Relative Visa

The visa application fee is 6,415AUD (not including 1.4% surcharge) and divided into 2 instalments. You will need to pay for your first instalment when lodging your visa application.

The payment of the second instalment is paid at the time of decision. There is also a charge for each family member who applies with the applicant.

There are also other costs for health and police checks.

Contact VEM for more information about the cost.

Processing time of a Subclass 114 visa

There is no specific processing time for this subclass according to the DHA’s website.

Contact VEM’s consultants for more details.

Process of applying for a Subclass 114 visa

  • Step 1: Checking if you meet the requirements.
  • Step 2: Making the application.
  • Step 3: Your application is processed and placed in a queue.
  • Step 4: Paying the second instalment at the time of decision.
  • Step 5: Being granted a Subclass 114 visa.
sc 114 visa
Process of applying for a Subclass 114 visa

Q&A about Aged Dependent Relative Visa – Subclass 114

Can I include family members on my application?

Definitely! However, you must provide evidence of their relationship with you in your application. They must also meet health and character requirements.

Is there any requirement of family - balance - test for Subclass 114?

The answer is NO. The requirements for Subclass 114 visa do not include a family – balance – test.

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    Can I sponsor my unmarried 30 year old step-daughter to Australia under subclass 114?

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