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How to apply for a successful subclass 116 visa – carer visa?

If you want to come to Australia to care for your relative who is really in need of your care due to their health status, a Carer visa is a good option. How to be well-prepared for Subclass 116 visa? Let’s read on to find out the answer!



What is a Subclass 116 visa?

A Carer visa – Subclass 116 is a permanent residency visa that allows eligible New Zealand citizens/Australians/Australian permanent residents to sponsor their relatives to come to Australia and take care of them.

The sponsor needs to prove that they have a long-term medical condition and are unable to access enough healthcare support in Australia.


visa 116 australia
What is a Subclass 116 visa?


Benefits of holding a Carer visa



To live in Australia permanently.

Work and study

To work and study in Australia.

Health careAccess to Medicare – an Australia’s universal health insurance scheme.
Multiple entriesTravel to and from Australia as many times as you want within 5 years. After 5 years, you can apply for a Resident Return visa (RRV) or citizenship.
Family memberAllow your eligible family members to apply for the visa together with you.
CitizenshipApply for Australian citizenship if they meet the requirements.


visa 116
Benefits of holding a Subclass 116 visa


Requirements of a Carer visa


For both

The sponsor must be the relative or relative’s spouse of the applicant.

Meet the health and character requirements.

Have no debt to the Australian government.

For the sponsor

Must be eligible New Zealand citizens/Australians/Australian permanent residents.

From and over 18 years of age.

    • Must have a long-term medical condition and need daily care.
    • Must be assessed by Bupa Medical Visa Services.
    • Be unable to access enough healthcare support in Australia.
For the applicants
    • Must be offshore while the visa is lodged and granted.
    • Must be willing and able to provide ongoing substantial care and support for your relative.
    • Must sign the Australian values statement.


Contact our professional migration expert to make sure you meet the requirements.


Steps to apply for a Subclass 116

    • Step 1: Check whether you meet the requirements.
    • Step 2: Prepare the documents and apply for the Subclass 116.
    • Step 3: Provide additional documents (if required).
    • Step 4: Receive the 116 visa.


Carer visa
Step-by-step of a Carer visa


It’s best to find a registered migration agent to support you with your visa application process.


VEM will be your trust companion. Our qualified consultant – Mr. Peter Cao, a registered migration agent (MARN: 1577877), will assist you for the whole process of your application.


Subclass 116 processing time

There is no information on processing time for a Carer visa application at the present time.


Required documents for Subclass 116 application

These are what you should prepare before lodging your Subclass 116 visa application.


For bothRelationship evidence
    • Certified copies to birth, marriage certificates.
The applicantIdentification documents
    • Certified copies of your passport.
    • Certified copy of your identification.
    • 4 ID card photos (45mm x 35mm).
    • Proofs of legal name change (if necessary).
The sponsor

Identification documents
    • Identification papers.
    • Fill in form 1229 which proves that parents allow their children to migrate to Australia.
Financial documents
    • Provide income records, tax records, and proof showing that you can support the sponsor.
Medical document
    • Provide medical certificate of Bupa Medical Visa Services.
Additional applicant (if any)Under 18 years of age
    • Identification documents.
    • Compete form 1229.
From 18 to 23 years old
    • Identification documents.
    • Relationship evidence (if any).


visa 116 australia processing time
Required documents for Subclass 116 visa application


Cost of a Career visa – Subclass 116


The amount of money (AUD)
For the main applicantFor the additional applicant
First instalmentAUD2,055
    • From and over 18 years old: AUD1,030.
    • Under 18 years old: AUD515
Second instalment (if required)AUD2,065

Note: The Subclass 116 fee listed above does not include a 1.4% surcharge.


Notice when applying for a Subclass 116 visa

Responsibilities of the sponsor

The sponsor has to provide accommodation and financial support for the main applicant and dependent applicant (if any) in the first 2 years after being granted the Subclass 116.


If the sponsors don’t take on their responsibility, their Subclass 116 may be cancelled.


apply subclass 116
Notice when applying for a Subclass 116 visa


Medical certificate

If you cannot provide the Bupa medical certificate at the time of making the application, you can submit it within 3 months of applying.

After this period, if you still have not provided the medical certificate, you will not be granted the 116 visa.


Frequently asked questions

Can I apply for a Carer visa onshore or offshore?

You have to submit the application outside Australia. In addition, when the visa is granted, you also need to be offshore.

What should I do if my visa application is refused?

You may have a chance to apply for a review with AAT or reapply the visa application.

Can I apply for a Subclass 116 while holding a Bridging A visa?

Yes, but applicants must be outside Australia when lodging the application.

What is the difference between Subclass 116 and 836 visa?

You must be offshore when applying for a Subclass 116. In contrast, you must be onshore when applying for a Subclass 836 visa.

Can I include family members in my application?

Yes, as long as they meet the requirements for dependent applicants.


We hope you have got the full picture of the Subclass 116 visa via this writing. If you need more information, please contact VEM.


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