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Let’s study about the Training Visa – Subclass 407

Many people are interested in equipping themselves with internationally well – recognised work skills and experience that have life – time value. Training Visa – Subclass 407 may bring the opportunity for you.

What is a Subclass 407 visa?

This is a temporary visa that allows you to take part in workplace training, which may help you to earn and improve practical skills that you cannot get from schools.

There are 3 types of occupational training suitable for applicants with different circumstances:

Depending on the purpose or each type of training, there are different requirements that you (applicant) should be aware of.

Feel free to contact us if you want to know any further details about each type of Subclass 407 visa in particular.

Benefits of a Subclass 407 visa

  • Staying in Australia up to 2 years.
  • Attending different training activities.
  • Including your partner/spouse in your visa application.

Training Visa – Subclass 407 is not for the permanent residence purpose, but mainly for practical skills improvement. If you wish to become an Australian permanent resident, there are other visas you can refer to.

Follow and visit our website VEM | Victory Education Migration to explore other visa subclasses.


407 visa australia
Benefits of a Subclass 407 visa


Requirements of a Training Visa – Subclass 407

For applicants

  • Must be nominated to participate in a program of occupational training (unless your sponsor is an Australian Commonwealth Government agency).
  • Must be at least 18 years old.
  • Must hold a valid temporary substantive visa (if lodging visa application onshore).
  • Must have a relevant qualification.
  • Must meet functional English, health and character requirements.
  • Must have adequate health insurance.
  • Must not have a visa cancelled or an application refused.


training visa australia
Requirements for applicants


For sponsors

  • Must be an approved temporary activities sponsor.
  • Must directly provide occupational training.

Contact VEM’s consultants if you need further information.


subclass 407 visa australia
Requirements for sponsors


Documents to apply for a Subclass 407 visa

For applicants

  • Identity documents.
  • Volunteer documents (if applying for a volunteer position).
  • Financial support documents.
  • Health insurance.
  • Evidence of functional English.
  • Referral letter from a relevant overseas governmental department.

For sponsors

  • General training agreements.
  • Occupational Training Program required for registration documents.
  • Occupational Training Program to improve skills in eligible occupation documents.
  • Others

Contact VEM’s experts if you need any help in preparing your documents.


trainee visa australia
Documents to apply for a Subclass 407 visa


Cost of a Subclass 407 visa

The visa application fee is 325AUD (not including 1.4% surcharge) for main applicants. In addition, each family member who applies with you needs to pay an additional fee.  Other fees are required for health checks and others.

Please let us know if you are not clear about the fees.

Processing time of a Subclass 407 visa

The processing time is changed from time to time. Currently, according to the DHA’s website, the process of this visa may take:

  • 75% of the applications are processed in 84 days.
  • 90% of the applications are processed in 12 months.

Preparing your documents properly and using a reliable, qualified agency to avoid visa refusal.

Contact VEM’s migration consultants for more advice.

Q&A about a Training Visa – Subclass 407

Can my employer sponsor me as a part - time employee in Subclass 407 visa?

No. It is required that you must work at least 30 hours per week for your employer.

Can I apply for other part - time jobs for extra money?

No. You can only work for your sponsor during  the visa duration. It is a part of the terms and conditions of your visa.

Can I apply for this Subclass 407 visa if I am 60 years old?

Yes. There is no limit on age for this subclass but you must be at least 18 years old to lodge your visa application.

Are the people holding a Training Visa eligible to apply for permanent residence?

This visa is purely for training purposes. You need to take the right pathways to be able to become Australian permanent resident.

Contact VEM for further advice.


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