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Let’s find out with VEM what is special about a Dependant Child Visa

To be reunited and live together in Australia, most parents who are temporarily resident  apply for a Subclass 445 visa to sponsor their dependent child. For this reason, VEM will provide you the information, process, and requirements of this visa.

What is a Subclass 445 visa?

This is a temporary visa that allows a child to stay in Australia while their parent’s permanent Partner Visa application is in progress. You (applicant) must be a child or stepchild of your parent who is the sponsor. This visa cannot be extended for a longer stay.

child visa 445
What is a Subclass 445 visa?

Benefits of a Dependent Child Visa

  • Staying in Australia according to the visa status of the parent’s visa.
  • Travelling in and out Australia.
  • Studying and working in Australia.

If you (parent – sponsor) have already got the permanent residence visa granted, you should consider a Subclass 102 visa. Follow and visit our website VEM for more information about visas.

Requirements for a Dependent Child Visa

To apply for this visa, the child or stepchild must prove that they are dependent on the parent who holds Subclass 309 or Subclass 820 visas. Besides, there are some requirements that both the applicants and sponsors need to meet:

For applicants

  • Must be under 18 years old or between 18 to 25 years old but depend totally on parents.
  • Must be sponsored by the same person who sponsors your parent’s permanent Partner Visa.
  • Must meet the health and character requirements.
  • Must sign the Australian value statements (18 years old or older).

For sponsors

  • Must be suitable to sponsor.
  • Must be approved the sponsorship by the Department of Home Affair.
subclass 445 visa conditions
Requirements for a Dependent Child Visa

Cost of a Subclass 445 visa

The visa application fee is 2,665AUD (not including 1.4% surcharge). Additionally, each dependent child’s sibling will need to apply and pay separately. There are also other costs for police and health checks.

Contact VEM for consultations.

Processing time of a Dependent Child Visa

Each application may have a different processing time depending on the documents and information provided. The processing time could take longer if the application is not well – prepared. According to the DHA’s website, the processing time is:

  • 75% of the applications are processed within 12 months.
  • 90% of the applications are processed within 16 months.

We highly advised that you should find a professional and reliable service for the best of your visa application outcome. Contact VEM for assistance.

subclass 445 visa fee
Processing time of a Dependent Child Visa

Q&A about a Subclass 445 visa

Can I apply for a Subclass 445 visa for my dependent 25 years old son if the whole family are Australian citizens (me, my spouse and his sister)?

No, you CANNOT. Although he still depends on you, a Subclass 445 visa is only for children who are under 25 years of age at the time of making a decision. You may consider the Remaining Relative Subclass 115 Visa.

Can my child apply for an Australian citizenship after?

ABSOLUTELY. After being granted subclass 445 visa and permanent visa as the positive outcome of your partner visa, your child can apply for Australian citizenship when he / she meets the requirements. Contact VEM to be advised about Australian citizenship.

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