Business diploma program in Australia

The path to Australian University is too arduous? Do not worry, the Business diploma program will be a stepping stone for you to move straight to the second year of the University to save some money and own a Diploma Certificate to be eligible to work. Let’s learn about this special course with VEM.

What is the Business diploma program?

The Business College course that VEM associates with the Phoenix College allows students to get directly to the second year of a University.

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Upon graduation, graduates can go direclty to year 2 of a bachelor’s degree program at Curtin University, Murdoch, Edith Cowan, University of Western Australia or Central Queensland without taking an IELTS / PTE test.

Who is this business diploma program for?

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Students’ benefits when studying in Australia through this business diploma program

If you are still wondering whether this course is right for you, let’s join VEM to list 5 outstanding benefits of students when participating in this course.

  • Saving tuition for the 1st year of University
  • Being able to transfer to 2nd year of University course withhout IELTS requirement
  • Being abole to choose a course with an appropriate duration (9 or 12 months)
  • Being able to hunt for scholarships
  • Choosing flexible admission with 4 start dates per year

In particular, at VEM, each student will be consulted to personalize the roadmap to suit the level and ability:

  • For graduates 12, you can choose to study the College of Business:
    • Within 9 months (if your IELTS is at 5.5 and there is no skill below 5.5)
    • Within 12 months (if your IELTS is 5.0 and there is no skill below 5.0)
  • For students who have not graduated 12: you will have to take a Certificate IV Business Course within 6 months. Then you can choose 1 of 2 programs:
    • 6-month business college
    • Study freshman year

After completing the Business Diploma Program, no matter what route, your destination will still be in Year 2 at a prestigious university in Australia.

The unitis of the Diploma of Business course

At present, VEM’s partner, Phoenix College, is offering Business Diploma Program with the following units:

  • 500 Communications (501, 502)
  • Information System 500
  • Legal Framework 500
  • Accounting 500
  • Economics 510
  • Administration 510 (511, 512, 513, 514)
  • Marketing 510 (511, 512)
  • Research and Business Statistics Skills 500

You can choose units that are suitable for you, especially those that are prioritized for Australian settlements, which gives you the opportunity to settle in Australia after graduating.

Specific information about this course

VEM’s Business Diploma Program, affiliated with the Phoenix College in Australia, gives you the opportunity to study in Australia easier than ever. Especially for parents who want their children to study abroad in Australia having achieve the English requirement, this course is worth checking out.

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In addition to the Business Diploma Program, VEM also offers courses with the top 5 partners:

VEM has shared with you the secret to being able to study in Australia today through the Business Diploma program that VEM links directly with Phoenix College.