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Subclass 117 visa: Australian Pr Opportunity For OrPhans

117 visa

Discover the Subclass 117 visa, offering orphans a pathway to permanent residency in Australia. Explore its benefits, requirements, and expert advice from our qualified consultants. Start your journey today!

What is a Subclass 117 visa?

The Subclass 117 visa, also known as the Orphan Relative Visa, is designed to reunite orphaned children under 18 with their Australian citizen, permanent resident, or eligible New Zealand citizen relatives.

This visa offers these children the opportunity to live permanently in Australia, providing them with a stable environment and familial support. It’s a pathway that prioritizes family unity and the well-being of orphaned minors in Australia.

117 visa
What is a Subclass 117 visa?

Benefits of a Subclass 117 visa

The Subclass 117 visa, or Orphan Relative Visa, offers several key benefits:

  • Permanent Residency: Holders of this visa can live in Australia indefinitely, providing stability and security.
  • Family Reunification: It allows orphaned children under 18 to join their eligible Australian citizen, permanent resident, or eligible New Zealand citizen relatives.
  • Access to Services: Visa holders are entitled to access healthcare and education services in Australia.
  • Work and Study Rights: They can work and study in Australia, contributing to their personal growth and development.
  • Pathway to Citizenship: After meeting residency requirements, visa holders can apply for Australian citizenship.
  • Travel: Visa holders can travel to and from Australia freely during the validity of the visa.
subclass 117
Benefits of a Subclass 117 visa

Overall, the Subclass 117 visa provides a supportive framework for orphaned children to integrate into Australian society and thrive under the care of their relatives.

Requirements of an Australian Orphan Relative visa

The Australian Orphan Relative visa (Subclass 117) has specific requirements that applicants must meet:

  • Age and orphan status: Applicants must be under 18 years old and be orphaned, meaning one or both parents are deceased, unable to care for them, or permanently incapacitated.
  • Sponsorship: They must have an eligible sponsor who is an Australian citizen, permanent resident, or eligible New Zealand citizen and who is willing to provide accommodation, financial support, and care.
  • Relationship: There must be a proven relationship between the applicant and their sponsoring relative, typically a grandparent, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, or step-equivalent.
  • Health and character: Applicants and their family members must meet health and character requirements. This includes providing health examinations and police certificates as part of the application process.
  • Financial support: The sponsor must demonstrate they can provide adequate financial support for the applicant in Australia.
117 visa eligibility
Requirements of an Australian Orphan Relative visa

Meeting these requirements is crucial for successfully applying for and obtaining the Australian Orphan Relative visa, ensuring that orphaned children can reunite with family members and establish a secure future in Australia.

To know whether you meet visa 117 requirements, contact VEM. Our consultant – Mr. Peter Cao, a registered migration agent (MARN: 1577877), with more than 12 years of experience in the migration field, will assist you.

Processing times of a Subclass 117 visa

According to the latest update from the DHA, the visa 117 processing time is from 31 to 92 months.

50% of the applications are processed within31 months
90% of the applications are processed within92 months

For the quickest visa approval, ensure your application is meticulously prepared to meet the “ready made decision” criteria. This involves thorough documentation and adherence to all requirements, expediting the processing of your visa application.

Steps to apply for a Subclass 117 visa Australia

Applying for a Subclass 117 visa (Orphan Relative visa) involves several key steps:

  • Step 1: Confirm eligibility: Ensure the orphaned child meets age and orphan status requirements, and that there is an eligible sponsor (Australian citizen, permanent resident, or eligible New Zealand citizen).
  • Step 2: Gather documents: Collect necessary documents such as birth certificates, proof of orphan status, sponsor’s identity proof, evidence of relationship, health assessments, and character references.
  • Step 3: Complete application form: Fill out the visa subclass 117 application form accurately and thoroughly, either online through the official Australian Government immigration portal or using a paper form.
  • Step 4: Submit application: Lodge the application along with all required subclass 117 visa checklist and pay the application fee. Applications can be submitted electronically or by mail.
  • Step 5: Health and character Requirements: Arrange health examinations and obtain police clearance certificates as per visa requirements.
  • Step 6: Await processing: After submission, allow time for the Department of Home Affairs to process your application. They may request additional information or conduct interviews if necessary.
  • Step 7: Visa decision: Once processed, you will be notified of the visa decision. If approved, you will receive your visa grant. If declined, you will receive reasons for the decision and information on any review options.

Following these steps meticulously ensures a thorough and efficient application process for the Subclass 117 visa, facilitating the reunification of orphaned children with their relatives in Australia.

117 visa information
Steps to apply for a Subclass 117 visa

Cost of a visa 117 application

The subclass 117 visa cost has increased from July 1, 2024 according to the new Australian Migration strategy 2024 – 2025. Below are the details of visa 117 cost for each applicant:

The main applicantAUD 1, 920
The additional applicant
  • Over 18 years of age: AUD 960
  • Under 18 years of age: AUD 485

Note: The Subclass 117 fee listed above does not include a 1.4% surcharge.

For optimal results with your visa application, reach out to VEM for expert assistance. Our registered migration agent (MARN: 1577877) offers legal advice and ensures your application is thoroughly prepared for the best possible outcome.

Consultation with VEM

By: Peter Phong D Cao – Registered migration agent

(MARN: 1577877, MIA: 12648)

Frequently asked questions

Can I include my family members on the application?

Unfortunately, you cannot include other family members on the Subclass 117 visa application.

Where must I be when applying and being granted visa 117?

You must be offshore (outside Australia) both when applying for and when the visa is granted.

Does an orphan meet the requirements if one of their parents is still alive?

Yes, an orphan can still meet the visa requirements if one of their parents is alive but unable to care for them due to mental or physical disability.

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