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VEM (Victory Education Migration) is a reliable and qualified agency with many years experience in providing consultations for visas and immigration services. We will also help you to prepare your documents properly and assist you with your legal procedure.

When you visit our website, it means you accept our terms of use. Therefore, please read carefully before using our website.

Web User Guide

Visitors who visit our website regardless of age, gender, occupation, country. However, the information on our website may not be up to date due to our suppliers or partners changing the location, services, working hour, product prices or other service information is not displayed correctly.

Depending on each situation, we will contact directly to guide you or to cancel the process. We also have the right to refuse or cancel any service whether it has been already paid or not.

Payment Assistance

You can either pay by cash or card. You can also transfer directly to our bank account that is provided on our website:

We will refund 100% of the visa service application fee if your application is refused due to improper documents. Depending on each situation, we will refund to you (applicant) a specific amount for the application fee (not including fees for translation, consular authentication, demonstrate financial, etc).

Secure customers interests

Our suggestion is that visitors who access our website should meet the following requirements:

You should review carefully about us such as: location, working time, service fee, etc.

You should look up for our right bank account in order to do the transaction.

When you visit our website, you are assumed that you already know and understand our terms of use when you use our services.

Every transaction is highly secured. We only provide the information if needed. Please see our Privacy Policy.

Our responsibilities

Our job is to create a professional website including many incredible services: consultations, supporting visa applications, providing useful information, etc.

We also develop, upgrade and cooperate with partners to demonstrate high quality service systems to satisfy your demand.

We will try our best to maintain our website and solve unexpected problems such as: technical problems, software errors, power outages, human resources, etc.

However, if there are incidents out of control that cause damage to the member, VEM will not take any responsibility.


You are able to complain about our services. However, you must include: reason, your information (email, phone number, name).
VEM will verify and respond to your complaints within 5 – 7 business days.

Updated Terms of use

We have the rights to adjust our Terms of use and post it in our website

We will try to provide you useful information and improve our service quality. Thank you for supporting and choosing us.