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Choose a registered Australian migration agent for better visa success

In many countries, anyone can open an Australian migration agency. In Australia, only people who are licensed by the Australian Government are allowed to provide migration assistance.

So, how can you distinguish between a professional one and an amateur one? And what can you benefit from choosing a good agency? Keep reading this article to find out.



What does the Australian Government propose: applying for a visa yourself or using a service for your application?


In reality, the Australian Government doesn’t favor either of those two options. They emphasized that that decision absolutely depends on the applicants.


The applicants can get more information, choose the suitable visa for them and prepare the required documents by themselves. If the applicants want to opt for an Australian migration agency, the Australian Government only suggests looking for a licensed agency to prepare the documents.

MARA is the most fundamental and the most important factor to identify if a migration agent is licensed by the government or not. MARA is the acronym for Migration Agents Registration Authority.

More specifically, MARN which stands for Migration Agents Registration Number represents the registration number provided by the Migration Agents Registration Authority. For instance, Mr Phong Cao – VEM’s professional migration consultant has his MARN: 1577877.

Beside that, an Australian migration agent should be a member of the Migration Institute of Australia (MIA). MIA also provides a registration number for its members. Specifically, Mr Phong Cao’s number is 12648.

Benefits of a good Australian migration services

All members of the MARA must follow the Code of Conduct. Thanks to that, applicants who choose an agency with MARN can receive these amazing benefits.


Consulting benefits
    • You will be provided with consulting advice according to the migration laws.
    • If the consultant’s criteria for support affects your interests, they must refuse to help. You will be notified of this within 14 days of the consultation. At that time, the Australian immigration representative will explain in detail the reason. They will also advise you to make an appointment with another MARA consultant.
Information security benefits
    • All of your information will not be disclosed without your permission.
    • All of your documents will be returned at the end of the service.
Financial benefits
    • Be informed of the exact visa fees at the time of consultation and get specific estimates of other important fees.
    • Be notified if previous information changes.
    • Can receive the bill for each charge for each service.
    • Can receive a refund of the service fee if the consultant does not notify the visa result received from the Australian Department of Home Affairs within 28 days.
Record keeping and management benefits
    • A registered migration agent must keep the records for a period of 7 years after the date of the last action on the file for the client.
    • A registered migration agent must respond to a request for information from the Authority within a reasonable time specified by the Authority.
Complaint benefits
    • Can sue an Australian migration agency and request the Australian Government to intervene in the event of a dispute.


You need to understand that, if you apply for an Australian visa with a consultant who is not licensed by the Australian Government, you will not have the mentioned benefits! And if you and the service provider have a dispute or disagreement, MARA will not intervene or help you!

So, if you choose to use the Australian migration consulting service, you can consider choosing VEM! At VEM, the person who advises and prepares documents for its clients is Mr. Phong Cao (CEO of VEM).

Therefore, if you work with VEM, you will receive both professional support from experts and be protected by the Australian Government!

How to identify a company providing Australian migration consulting services that meet Australian standards

Perhaps you also see, currently, in your country there is a lot of information about reputable Australian immigration consulting agencies.


But did you know, many of them are founded and advised by people with experience living in Australia, not MARA? Or, those agencies just hire consultants with MARA to easily attract customers.


Therefore, before trusting and using their services, you should verify the credibility of the Australian immigration representative. First, check to see if the consultant is licensed by MARA or not and check to see if they are members of the MIA or not.

How to verify that a person is indeed licensed by MARA as an Australian migration consultant

A list of MARA licensed consultants is available on the Australian Government website. So verifying the information of a person on the list is very easy.

VEM will take Mr Phong Cao as an example to make it easier for you to imagine. Mr. Phong Cao’s MARN number is 1577877.


find a migration agent
How to verify that a person is indeed licensed by MARA


If the information of the person you need to verify is shown on the website, that person is truly a licensed Australian consultant.


The next step is to see if the consultant is a member of the Migration Institute of Australia.

How to verify a person is a member of the Migration Institute of Australia (MIA)

The website of the Migration Institute of Australia (MIA) allows users to access the list of members of MIA.

VEM will also give an example by checking the MIA code of Mr. Phong Cao. His code is 12648.

  • Step 1: Access MIA’s website using the link: https://www.mia.org.au/.
  • Step 2: Select the Find an Agent tab.
  • Step 3: Fill in the information of the person you want to confirm and select the Search command.
  • Step 4: Get the result.


australia visa help
How to verify a person is a member of MIA


When the information of the person you are looking for shows results, VEM congratulates you! Because they are actually members of the Migration Institute of Australia.


If you have any problems with the above instructions, you should contact VEM! We are always ready to answer your questions so that you can start your visa application process as soon as possible with an Australian standard service!

Consequences of using the Australian migration consulting service of someone who is not licensed by MARA


Risk of visa rejection
    • Most unlicensed consultants have limited knowledge of Australian Immigration law and immigration procedures. Because they do not have specialized and formal training in this field. Also, every year, they do not take the required courses to consolidate their knowledge. So when consulting for a visa to Australia, they can hardly advise you to prepare legal documents.
    • This person is not obliged to notify you of the request and the results of the application within the specified time. This is different from people licensed by the Australian Government who follow the Code of Conduct. Furthermore, if your visa is denied due to their fault, you cannot claim compensation from them.
No legal protection
    • The Australian Government will not intervene to assist in the event of a dispute.
Risk of being scammed
    • You may end up paying too much for unnecessary services and procedures.
    • You may even be tricked into paying fees without being provided with any services.
Risk of losing documents
    • This person has no obligation to maintain your records. So if there is a disagreement, you may lose your records and not be able to provide them if MARA asks for them.


If you experience the above consequences, you cannot sue them. This means that you will fall into a similar story of a customer who contacted VEM below.

Consequences of using an unprofessional Australian migration consulting service

Recently, many people have come to VEM with the desire to be helped by Mr. Phong Cao. Most of them have used other visa services from other agencies.

When they are asked why they need VEM’s help, many of them are willing to share their story. Among them, VEM was very sympathetic with the case of Ms. P.

She said: “Because I saw that VEM said it would charge a consultation fee”. She added: “The previous company claimed that their visa service is reputable. Also, I needed to apply for an Australian visa urgently. So when I saw on their website that they have a consultant licensed by MARN plus a free consultation, I registered for a consultation.”

Ms. P continued: “They have many offices here in Vietnam and the company has been running for quite a while. For those reasons, I agreed to let them carry out my visa application process. After submitting my application and waiting for a while, I didn’t receive any response from the company as well as from the DHA.

“After a while, there was a conflict within the company, then all customer records were also exposed. That’s when I knew that I had failed my visa and the results had been announced by DHA a long time ago. I was so shocked to find that I will be banned from applying for an Australian visa for the next 3 years!” she said.

I contacted the company, but I didn’t receive any support from them. A friend told me that if that company is licensed by the Australian Government, I can sue them for their bad services. But the company’s MARN turned out to be fake. That’s why the Australian Government can’t help me. I realized that not every free consultation always guarantees benefits.


consequences of using bad australian migration agent
Consequences of using an unprofessional Australian immigration agencies


With VEM, I saw that it would charge a consultation fee. “After the recent scam, I immediately understood that you have a basis to confidently take customers’ fees. However, I still checked Mr. Phong Cao’s information first and found that he had a MARN number, moreover, a MIA code.

So I can confirm that your company is really a reputable Australian migration consulting company. Although there is a fee for your services, I am protected by the Australian Government, so I am willing to pay for a consultation.” Ms. P said.

Through this real story, VEM recommends that you carefully check the information of the consultant before using their Australian settlement consulting service.

Why does VEM charge for its consulting services?


The consulting fees are common in consulting agencies licensed by MARA. In fact, other licensed consultants around the world also charge for this service.


Moreover, this fee must be ensured to be fair and appropriate for customers (based on the provisions of the Code of Conduct).

Every day, VEM receives a lot of “calls for help” from clients who have fallen into the traps of unscrupulous Australian migration consulting agencies. Accordingly, we realize that by charging a consulting fee first, it will help strengthen the trust of our customers.


In particular, if the consultation is completed and the clients choose to continue the visa process with VEM, the consulting fee will be returned. Thus, the customer has absolutely nothing to lose.


VEM’s Australian visa service package

Nowadays, many companies provide a full package of Australian visa services. And in fact, they provide visa packages for many countries such as: UK, USA, Japan, Australia,etc.


At VEM, we also provide package visas. The difference is that VEM only assists clients in Australian visas!


The reason is because the head of VEM and directly supporting customers is expert Phong Cao. He is a member of the Australian Immigration Institute, licensed to advise by the Australian Government (MARA: 1577877, MIA: 12648).

He also currently runs VEM’s headquarters in Australia. Therefore, we believe that we have the ability to advise and support customers in an in-depth manner.

Currently, VEM’s package of Australian visa application services includes 6 “packages”.


australian immigration consultant packages
VEM’s Australian visa service package


Package one: Australian Business and Investment visas

VEM’s Australian migration investment consulting service helps clients with the whole process from A to Z! Specifically, after you schedule a consultation, Mr. Phong Cao) will contact you to start consulting about how to start your investment in Australia.

If you are eligible, VEM will quickly help you prepare your application. If you are not eligible, VEM will re-evaluate your case and provide other solutions to your problems.


In case you don’t know, VEM has always been known as a reputable Australian migration agency in Ho Chi Minh City. Moreover, over the past 10 years, VEM is a well-known company in this field in Australia.


Check out this video and listen to Ms. Thu Giang Nguyen sharing her experience of applying for an Australian business and investment visa. With the support of VEM, Ms. Giang is now doing business smoothly in Australia with this visa: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WoF3em8wSGo


 Package 2: Australian Partner visas

After the announcement from the Australian Government that it would approve 72,300 marriage visas this year, many people contacted VEM for advice on this visa.

VEM concluded that clients who want to apply for a Partner visa belong to 2 groups.

  • One is those who have known what type of visa is suitable for them and they need VEM to confirm their eligibility.
  • Two are those who do not know much about Australia’s 3 partner visas (Subclass 300, Subclass 309, Subclass 820) and need more advice from VEM.

No matter which groups you belong to, VEM will give you dedicated advice and the most appropriate assistance.

For more information about those 3 types of Partner visas, check out this article about “How to choose a suitable Partner visa” on our website.

The information in this article may help answer some of your current questions.

If you want to learn from the experience of VEM’s client who has successfully applied for an Australian marriage visa, you shouldn’t skip the sincere sharing of Mr. Minh Phuong Pham.

Specifically, Mr. Phuong used VEM’s services to sponsor his wife with a Subclass 309 visa. Currently, the couple is living very happily in Australia: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fvEaHohTUjA


 Package 3: Australian Family visas

We can help you whether you want to apply for Parent visas, Child visas or Relative visas. If you don’t meet the requirements of the visa you want, Mr. Phong Cao will provide you with the most suitable solution during the consultation.

With more than 10 years of experience, Mr Phong Cao has enough professional knowledge and experience to confidently provide you with the solutions right away! Therefore, if you need assistance in Australian Family, make sure to contact VEM.

Check out the review of Ms. Thi Hoang Ngo – a client who has just used VEM’s consulting services.


client review for vem - professional immigration agency australia
Review of Ms. Thi Hoang Ngo – a client who has just used VEM’s consulting services


Package 4: Australian Student visa


VEM understands that the majority of people applying for a Student visa want to work and settle down in Australia after graduation. Therefore, VEM has set out its mission to help Australian graduates move to permanent settlement!


When someone contacts VEM to ask for information on Australian student visa fees to compare service fees between agencies, VEM directly advises them. Specifically, we say that if clients want to apply for a visa to study then return to their home country, they should use the services of other agencies.

Because if it’s only studying abroad, the consultant doesn’t need a license from MARA. So anyone with experience in studying in Australia can support clients by their own experience.

In case you want a full migration pathway from graduation to Australian permanent residence, clients should choose VEM.

Mr. Phong Cao will not only advise on your overseas study, but also set up a specific route so that you can settle down after studying. This also means that your entire journey to Australia will be accompanied by VEM!

Package 5: Australian Visitor visas

Whether you want to apply for a Subclass 600 (non-working) or Subclass 462 (workable) Visitor visa, VEM’s Australian Tourist visa support service is available.

If you need to apply for a Subclass 600 visa, VEM will advise you thoroughly so that you can understand and experience all the benefits of this visa: tourism, visiting relatives and doing business. Because VEM realizes that there are many people who own this visa but do not know how to enjoy these wonderful benefits.

In addition, if you want to work during your stay in Australia, the Subclass 462 visa is your ideal choice.

Do you want to know what requirements you have been exempted from? And what is the current price of VEM’s Australian Visitor visa service? Is it suitable for you? Contact VEM to get your questions answered soon!

But first, let’s look at the review from Ms Diem Lin Truong – a client of VEM: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bxv6Sqk9uuc


 Package 6: Australian Skilled visas

If you need advice on Australia’s Skilled visa, you should consider using VEM’s Australian migration visa services! Specifically, the consultation to apply for a skilled visa at VEM takes place according to the following process:

    • You can schedule a consultation appointment
    • Mr Phong Cao evaluates your eligibility for the Skilled visa.
      • If you meet the requirements: Mr Phong Cao will assist and guide you to prepare documents.
      • If you are not satisfied: Mr. Phong Cao will provide a more suitable route. You will be advised to apply for another visa that is more suitable, which can help you apply for a Skilled visa to settle in Australia.
    • The process of waiting for visa results and after being granted a visa will be accompanied by Mr. Phong Cao.

Check out our article about Skilled visa for more information.

You should also listen to the experience of Mr. Vu Phong Dan Dang – VEM’s client. He had encountered some difficulties and how he overcame them will certainly help you visualize your migration path to Australia: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OgkvClD2_g4


Why does VEM deserve your trust?

Mr. Phong Cao is the person who directly supports you in the entire Australian visa application process. Should you be accompanied by VEM, can you be assured of the following benefits:


VEM’s advantageYour benefits
The head of VEM will directly support you.As one of the very few people licensed by the Australian Government to provide migration support.Have all benefits sponsored by the Australian Government.
A member of the Migration Institute of Australia.Receive early updates about Australian migration updates.
Have more than 10 years of experience in Australian migration.Get advice from an experienced Australian immigration consultant who has also lived in Australia for more than 10 years.
Living in Australia.
Geographical location of VEMHeadquarter in Perth, Australia and consulting office in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.All records are collected, supported by both staff in Australia and Vietnam, fluent in both English and Vietnamese.


All of Mr. Phong Cao’s Australian migration consulting activities are managed by the Australian Government (MARA).

Frequently asked questions

Is there a way to complete my visa application quickly?

To quickly get an Australian visa, you need to prepare and submit your application as soon as possible. Moreover, the application must meet the standards required by the Australian Department of Home Affairs.

If you are in an urgent situation, you should consider VEM’s Australian migration service. The person who supports you is Mr Phong Cao – CEO of VEM. He is a member of the Migration Institute of Australia and he is licensed by the Australian Government. With VEM, your application will be prepared accurately, properly and submitted soon!

How much does the visa services cost?

You can contact VEM for the most accurate information.

Is it hard to apply for an Australian visa application in 2024?

The answer depends on whether your application is good or not. A good profile will give you more chances of getting a visa.

Moreover, whether it is difficult or easy to get a visa grant in 2024 depends on the visa criteria and changes in the Australian Migration Laws. As mentioned, Mr Phong Cao is a member of the Migration Institute of Australia. Therefore, if there are any changes, he is always one of the first to be informed.

If I use the visa services from a registered migration agent, how long can I complete my visa application?

The answer depends on which of the Australian visa categories you need to apply for. In addition, an early or late submission of the application depends on 2 factors.

  • Whether a client provides their information quickly or not. VEM clients will be guided by Mr. Phong Cao on how to prepare necessary papers and documents.
  • Processing speed of Australian migration agency: at VEM, clients’ documents usually only take 1-2 weeks to process. This is also clearly stated in the contract to ensure the interests of clients.


So, if you want more opportunities to come to Australia soon, consider using VEM’s Australian migration service!


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