Australia is a popular destination for many people looking to study, work, and live abroad. With over 100 different Australian visas types available, Australia provides various opportunities for those who wish to experience life in one of the world’s most developed countries.

This article will provide an overview of the Australian visas in 2024, helping you to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Do I need a visa for Australia?

Yes. Foreigners need a visa to enter Australia, except for citizens of EU countries, Andorra, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, San Marino, Switzerland, Norway, and Vatican City.

To apply for an Australian visa, you need to prepare and submit your application to the Australian Embassy or Consulate in your country. The process involves filling out the required visa application form and providing documents that prove the purpose of your trip, financial information, and other personal details as requested.

In addition, the visa application fee should be paid as required. For further information, you can contact VEM.

Travel to Australia
Travel to Australia

Types of Australian visas

Our extensive list covers the most popular Australian visas, including Partner visa, Family visa, Skilled visa, Student visa, and Visitor visa as below:

Partner visa

A Partner visa allows you and your partner to settle in Australia:

Family visa

A Parent visa allows parents of an Australian citizen/ permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen to come to and live in Australia:

Child Visa helps children come to Australia and live with their parents:

Other relatives visas

Student visa

Student visa allows students (and their dependents) to come to Australia.

Visitor visa

A Visitor visa allows you to visit Australia for a specific period.

Skilled visa

Skilled visa allows international workers to come to Australia to work in their skilled field.

Permanent skilled visas

Skilled Regional stream

Employer Sponsored stream

Business and investment visas

Australia Visa processing times

Each type of Australian visa has a different processing time as regulated by the Department of Home Affairs. Visitor visas typically have the shortest processing times, while Family visas often take longer to process.

Understanding these timelines helps applicants plan effectively when considering a trip to Australia.

Australia visa application fees

Australian visa costs can vary depending on the type of visa you are applying for. Some Family visas often have higher fees due to their detailed requirements and procedures than other types of visas.

For instance, the minimum fee for an Australian Partner visa is 8,885 AUD. A Visiot visa to Australia typically costs around 190 AUD, while an Australian student visa requires a fee of approximately 710 AUD.

In short, you can choose the Australian visa that best suits your purpose and needs. We hope the information we provided has given you a good overview of popular Australian visa types available. For more detailed information on any visa type, feel free to contact VEM!

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