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Our professional migration consultant tells you all about a Subclass 836 visa

Realizing that many people want to migrate to Australia to take care of their sick relatives here, the Australian Government has issued a Subclass 836 visa. With this visa, the applicant enjoys amazing benefits. Especially, if you are interested in this visa, you cannot miss the advice of VEM’s professional migration consultant.


What is a Subclass 836 visa?


Carer visa – Subclass 836 is a permanent visa that allows you to stay in Australia to care for someone with a long-term medical condition who has no reasonable access to care options in Australia.


It’s quite similar to the Subclass 116 visa. But these two visas have a difference that few people realize which leads to the wrong application. Check out the later part of the article to distinguish.


visa 836
What is a Subclass 836 visa?


Benefits of holding a Subclass 836 visa

With this visa, applicants can receive these wonderful benefits.


Residence benefits
    • Stay in Australia permanently.
    • Apply for Australian citizenship, if eligible.
Free entries benefits
    • Travel to and from Australia as many times as you want for 5 years from the date the visa is granted. This is as long as the travel facility on this visa remains valid.
    • You will need to apply for and be granted a Resident Return (RRV) so that you can re-enter Australia as a permanent resident.
Social security benefits

Enroll in Australia’s public healthcare scheme, Medicare.

Education benefits

Have full study and work rights.

Sponsor family member benefits

Can sponsor another eligible family member.


subclass 836 benefit
Benefits of a Subclass 836 visa


When applicants don’t understand the benefits of a visa, they may be at a disadvantage. If you and your family contact VEM, our professional migration consultants will explain each benefit in detail to avoid this situation.

Requirements of a Carer visa – Subclass 836

The Australian Subclass 836 visa has requirements for both the sponsor and the applicant. Even the accompanying family member is also required to meet some visa requirements. Here are some of those requirements.


For the applicants and the sponsor

The sponsor must be the relative of the applicant. If the sponsor can’t sponsor the applicant themselves, the sponsor’s spouse can take over and sponsor for the applicant.

    • Meet the health and character requirements.
    • Must pay back debts to the Australian Government or there must be a formal arrangement to pay it back.
    • Have no criminal background.
    • Not have had a visa rejected or canceled.
For the sponsor

Must be a settled Australian citizen, Eligible New Zealand citizen or Australian permanent resident

Over 18 years old.

    • Must be unable to get the care you need in Australia from another relative, an Australian welfare, nursing in hospital and your community services.
    • Must provide medical certificate of Bupa Medical Visa Services.
    • Has been confirmed to need someone else’s care for at least 2 years.
For the applicants
    • Must be willing and able to provide ongoing substantial care and support for your sponsoring relative or the family member who lives with them.
    • Must not be holding a Subclass 771 visa.
    • Must be onshore while the visa is lodged and granted.


If you are not confident in the self-assessment of eligibility, your family can ask Phong Cao for advice and assessment.

Because he has been licensed by the Australian Government (MARN: 1577877). So as long as he tells you that you have met the requirements for a Subclass 836 visa, you can immediately apply for a visa.

Step-by-step of a Carer visa – Subclass 836

  • Step 1: Check the eligibility.
  • Step 2: Complete the necessary papers and documents.
  • Step 3: Submit application and visa fee.
  • Step 4: The DHA announces that the application has been received.
  • Step 5: The application is processed.
  • Step 6: Applicant’s visa application is approved.
  • Step 7: The applicant adds documents and completes the second installment fee.
  • Step 8: The Australian Government grants a Subclass 836 visa.


836 visa processing
Process of a Subclass 836 visa


What documents and papers are required when it comes to a Subclass 836 visa?

These are what you should prepare before lodging your Subclass 836 visa application.


For the applicant and the sponsor

Proof of your relationship

    • Copies of certified household registration book.
    • Copies of certified marriage certificate (if any).
Health and character

Proof that you both meet the health and requirements of Australia.

The applicantIdentification papers
    • Copies of your certified birth certificate.
    • Copies of your certified passport (within a 6-month period starting from the beginning of your visa application).
    • 4 card images (45mm x 35mm)
    • ID card.
    • Proof that you’ve changed name before (if any).
The sponsor



Identification papers
    • ID card.
    • Proof that you’re a  settled Australian citizen, Eligible New Zealand citizen or Australian permanent resident.
Proof of the sponsor’s health

Medical certificate from Bupa Medical Visa Services.

Financial proof

Provide relevant documents to prove eligibility.


Fill in form 40.

All of VEM’s clients will be instructed about these papers.

For the accompany person (if any)

Children under the age of 18 must have a confirmation from their parents allowing them to migrate to Australia (form 1229).


The Australian Department of Home Affairs always encourages applicants to prepare their documents carefully and properly before making the application to avoid any unnecessary incidents.

Cost of a Subclass 836 visa

Compared to the previous year, the Australian Subclass 836 visa fee has remained unchanged.


Types of charges and feesThe amount of money (AUD)
For the visa applicantFor the accompany member
First installment1,795
    • Over 18 years old: 900
    • Under 18 years old: 450
Second installment2,065


Note: The 836 visa fees listed above do not include a 1.4% surcharge.


Normally, the applicant’s family must pay an additional fee for the second time (AUD 2,065/person).


But if the family can prove to pay the second installment fee is causing serious financial hardship, the Australian Department of Home Affairs will consider this free of charge.

Processing times of a Subclass 836 visa

Currently, the Australian Department of Home Affairs has not announced the processing time for the Subclass 836 visa application.

But in fact, the quota for this visa program is limited. So if you need to apply for this visa, your family should complete the application and submit it early.

The difference between a Subclass 836 visa and a Subclass 116 visa

These two visas belong to the Australian Family visas. The two visas have many similarities, such as requirements, benefits, visa fees, etc. confusing many people.


But you can easily tell the difference by looking at the conditions where the application is lodged. Specifically: a Subclass 116 visa requires applicants to apply outside Australia, while a Subclass 836 visa allows applicants to apply in Australia.


subclass 836 visa australia
The difference between a Subclass 836 visa and a Subclass 116 visa


Frequently asked questions

I’ve already applied for another visa. Can I still apply for a Subclass 836 visa now?

Yes, you just need to withdraw your previous visa application (if it is being processed). In addition, you can only apply for a Subclass 836 visa if you are not holding a Subclass 771 visa.

Where should I apply for a Subclass 836 visa?

You must be onshore when applying for a Subclass 836 visa.


Hopefully the information about the Australian Subclass 836 visa in this article will help your family. If your family needs Mr Phong Cao’s help, contact VEM.

Just leave a comment at the end of the article, we will quickly contact you and schedule a consultation! You can also directly call VEM’s hotline to schedule a faster consultation!


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