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Our migration consultant shares the secrets to successfully study in Australia

An Australian immigration consultant licensed by the Australian Government has shared all the issues related to studying in Australia. You can see part 2 of this article to know the experience of applying for a Student visa. Also don’t skip to part 6 to learn how to increase your chances of settling down after graduation!

Australian migration study abroad route


Unlike international students in many other countries, international students in Australia are allowed to stay and work after graduation and move to a settlement when eligible. But this is not simply the result of holding a Student visa, but the result of a long process, including many other visa applications later.


Specifically, the route for you to study in Australia includes the following steps:

    • Step 1: Apply for an Australian Student visa

Before applying for an Australian Student visa, you need to determine that your field of study is on the list of priority occupations in Australia. And of course, the state you want to study also needs a policy for students to stay, work and settle.

    • Step 2: Apply for a Post-graduation visa

After completing your studies, you need to apply for a Graduate visa – Subclass 485. Holding this visa, you will be in Australia for 1.5 – 4 years to gain experience.

    • Step 3: Apply for Australian Skilled visa

Finally, you need to apply for a temporary skilled visa to continue to stay in Australia to work and apply for a permanent skilled visa to settle down. The group of Australian skilled visa categories includes subclass 189, subclass 491, subclass 190, subclass 191, subclass 482, subclass 186, and subclass 494.


The route to study in australia visa
Australian migration study abroad route


When you want to study in Australia, you can consider going with VEM – a place with the ability, experience, and knowledge to advise a study abroad route to settle down correctly from the beginning.


Because when you are alone or accompanied by an unqualified immigration consultant, you will most likely be forced to leave Australia after graduation!


The case of Mr. Vu Phong Dan Dang before becoming a client of VEM is a typical example.

More specifically, Mr. Dan spent 7 years studying, completing 2 Master’s programs in Australia, but still could not apply for a Skilled visa to settle down. The reason is that he was not guided on the path to studying in Australia right from the time he applied for a Student visa.


When the second Subclass 500 visa was about to expire, Mr. Dan asked VEM’s immigration specialist for help. The expert has consulted from the beginning a new study abroad journey in Australia, and dedicatedly guided on how to apply for a Skilled visa.


Thanks to that, Mr. Dan got his third Student visa and passed the skills assessment. In addition, currently, VEM is still following closely to support Mr. Dan to complete his application for a Subclass 189 visa for skilled migrants.

As an experienced person, Mr. Dan has a couple of messages for you about the importance of having an Australian study abroad program in place from the very beginning:



Is it easy or difficult to study in Australia?

Many people cannot fulfill their dream of studying in Australia because they do not meet the conditions to study in Australia. In addition, many people meet the conditions but choose to study a field that does not give priority to settlement. Or, they choose the right major but study in a state that does not have the policy to allow students to work and settle in Australia.


Therefore, the answer to the question: Is it difficult to study in Australia? depends quite a lot on the study and preparation of international students.


And in fact, those who apply for a visa alone always face more obstacles than applicants with a reputable Australian study abroad consulting company.

If you want to use an Australian visa service, be sure to choose a trustworthy place. But where specifically? See “Australian Government advice on using the service” for the answer!

Student visa and related visas


To study in Australia, you need to know the characteristics of student visas, graduate visas, and skilled visas. In addition, you should also learn more about visas for international student guardians.



Visa type

Subclass 500 Student VisaSubclass 590 Student Guardians VisaSubclass 407 Training VisaSubclass 485 Temporary Graduate Visa


The beginning of the process of studying in AustraliaInternational students feel secure to study because they have relatives by their side.International students have time in Australia to gain work experience in order to apply for a skilled visa to settle in Australia.

Visa applicants

Overseas studentParents of international students or legal guardiansPerson sponsored by an Australian businessPeople who have graduated from a university or higher from an Australian-recognized educational institution.

Age limit

NoAged 18 years and olderUnder 50 years old

Visa period

Depends on course lengthDepends on the duration of the visa 5002 years1.5-4 years

1.5-4 years

5.5 IELTS or aboveOptional6.0 IELTS or above


Regarding the Australian skilled visa group, VEM has clarified in the article: “How to choose the right type of Skilled visa to settle in Australia after studying abroad“.

In addition, you should also see the updates in the Australian settlement policy 2024 for more useful information for your journey to study in Australia.

If you are not sure about the above visas, you can schedule a consultation with VEM. VEM’s immigration specialist Phong Cao has been licensed as a consultant by the Australian Government (MARN: 1577877). So you can always rest assured that you are using the correct Australian service!

When is the right time to study in Australia?

Because of the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, currently, Australian Student visas have cut back on quite a lot of conditions. This is considered a good time for you to start your study abroad journey in Australia.

Specifically, if you apply for an Australian Student visa 2024, you will have the following advantages:

    • Application review time is still
    • You will be able to reapply for a Subclass 500 visa-free of charge if you already have a visa from February 1, 2020, or later.
    • Learn online and record learning results.
    • Be competitive with many scholarships with a low competition rate.
    • An IELTS certificate may not be required (available in some schools).
    • Working unlimited time in the fields of tourism, hospitality, healthcare, and agriculture (until new regulations).

VEM immigration experts recommend that you complete your Subclass 500 visa application form and submit it. To help you increase your chances of getting a student visa early, he shares things to keep in mind when applying for a Subclass 500 visa.

How long does it take to study in Australia?

To study in Australia, international students need to go through many times holding different visas. Depending on the actual situation of each person, the time in Australia when holding each visa is also different.


How long to study in Australia
How long does it take to study in Australia?


So, without consulting to know your situation, VEM cannot accurately conclude the total time to study in Australia.

Ways to increase your chances of settling down after studying in Australia

To study in Australia, international students must follow the right route. Right now, based on the roadmap mentioned in part 1, VEM will share ways for you to increase your chances of studying in Australia and settling down!

The higher the level, the better

Most people who want to study in Australia have graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Australia. So to increase your chances of settling down, you should study higher (Master, even Ph.D.) to stand out and be prioritized.

STEM majors are always favored

The Australian Government always prioritizes immigration opportunities for people with STEM occupations (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics). If your industry is in this block, you will get up to 10 points on the immigration scale.

If you want to submit your own visa but don’t know how to apply for an Australian Student visa while studying STEM, make sure you know the secret to apply for an Australian student visa! Or, to save time and get dedicated support, you should consider using VEM’s service!

Because the CEO of VEM (Mr. Phong Cao) is a member of the Australian Migration Institute (MIA: 12648). So he is sure to know the latest changes in Australian visa soon to guide you exactly!

Studying in a suburban city

You will be added 5 points for the opportunity to study in Australia if you study in a place that is not regulated by Australia as a big city. Examples are Perth, Gold Coast, Newcastle, and Adelaide.

Work in Australia for as long as possible

The longer you work in Australia with a post-graduation visa, the more priority will be given to settlement. In particular, if you want to study in Australia in 2024, then you will have an advantage.


Because since January 20th, 2021, the Australian Temporary Graduate visa – Subclass 485 has allowed applicants to extend the visa once to stay in Australia for another 2 years.


If you want to know how to extend this visa, contact VEM for guidance from an immigration consultant!

Good level of English

If you want to stay in Australia after you graduate, you should try to get an IELTS score of 7.0 or higher. Because then, you will be added 10 immigration points. If you score 6.0 IELTS, you will “pass the parking round”, but no points will be awarded.

In case you need to increase your IELTS score to expand your opportunities to study in Australia, please refer to VEM’s English study abroad program.

With more than 21 years of experience in English training, VEM is confident that we can tailor your own study and exam schedule!

Steps-by-steps to apply for education in Australia

To study in Australia, of course, you must go through the process of applying for an Australian student visa. So what is the Australian Student visa? The answer will be answered:

    • Identification.
    • Admission letter.
    • Letter of the study plan.
    • Form 157 to apply for a student visa and Form 167 to provide details of a relative.
    • Proof of meeting the visa requirements (financial, English, health, background, …).


You note, after completing the profile, you need to check the document’s documents through the Document Checklist Tool.


Because studying in Australia 2024 gives you many advantages (mentioned in part 4). So if you want to study in Australia, you should consider applying for a student visa now!

Frequently asked questions

After my Australian student visa is granted, can I apply to sponsor my partner?

The answer is yes if you mention that person in your affidavit (form 167). If you have not previously declared, you must reapply for a new Australian student visa to sponsor.

I want to know how long I can stay to study in Australia?

The length of time in Australia with an Australian student visa depends on the length of the course you are taking. You should learn how to determine the duration of your subclass 500 visa to know exactly how long your stay in Australia will be.

I want to study in Australia. My friend agreed and advised me to study in Australia and settle down. But really, can studying in Australia be settled?

Of course, it is possible if you go on the right route and meet the settlement conditions. You can see more tips on settling with an Australian student visa.


If you want to study in Australia, Mr Phong Cao is always ready to assist you, please call the VEM hotline to schedule a consultation.


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