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Subclass 864 visa allows your aged parents to apply while staying in Australia

A Subclass 864 visa can help your family reunite in Australia. Moreover, your parents can receive many awesome benefits. The Australian Government will only approve 4500 visas for Parents visas this year. Therefore, you should check out the rest of this article for fundamental information about this visa.



What is a Contributory Aged Parent visa – Subclass 864

A Contributory Aged Parent Visa – Subclass 864 allows you (applicant) to stay in Australia as a permanent resident. You must be at retirement age, onshore and sponsored by your child who is an Australian citizen or an Australian permanent resident or an eligible New Zealand citizen.

This visa is mostly similar to a Subclass 143 visa. However, instead of applying onshore, applicants who apply for a Subclass 143 visa must be offshore.


visa type 864
What is a Contributory Aged Parent Visa?


The benefits of a Subclass 864 visa


Residence benefits
    • Stay in Australia permanently.
    • Apply for Australian citizenship, if eligible.
Free entries benefitsTravel to and from Australia as many times as you want for 5 years from the date the visa is granted. This is as long as the travel facility on this visa remains valid.
Social security benefitsEnrol in Australia’s public healthcare scheme, Medicare.
Education benefitsWork and study in Australia
Sponsor family member benefitsCan sponsor another eligible family member


Our professional consultant advised you to start applying for an Australian citizenship after 4 years of staying in Australia as you do not have to do the citizenship test and don’t have to meet English requirements.


To have a full understanding of those 5 benefits, you should contact VEM now. We’ll give detailed information and explanations for you and your family.


visa 864 waiting period
Benefits when holding a Contributory Aged Parent Visa


The requirements of a Contributory Aged Parent visa – Subclass 864


The sponsor
    • Must be the child of the applicant.
    • Must be an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen.
    • Must agree to provide support, housing and financial help for the first 2 years the applicant lives in Australia.
    • Over 18 years old.
    • If under 18 years old, you can be sponsored by an eligible relative or community organization. The organization must meet the following requirements:
    • There is a relationship between the organisation and the applicant’s child.
    • The organisation is lawfully established in Australia
    • The organisation has been actively operating in Australia for at least one year.
    • The organisation can meet its financial commitments.
The applicant
    • Must be old enough to receive Age Pension in Australia.
    • Meet the balance-of-family test (there are more eligible children living in Australia than in any other single country).
    • Must have no debt to the Australian Government.
    • Must be able to obtain an assurance of support.
    • Not have had a visa cancelled or a previous application refused.
    • Must meet the health requirements.
    • Must meet the character requirements.
    • Must not hold a Subclass 870 visa.
    • Must be in Australia, but not in immigration clearance, when the application is submitted.


If you’re still wondering whether or not you and your parents fit these requirements, contact VEM now so that our consultant can assist you directly.

An Aged Parent visa – Subclass 864 requires the applicants must be old enough to receive Age Pension in Australia. Specifically,


Period within which a person was bornPension ageDate pension age changes
From 1 July 1952 to 31 December 195365 years and 6 months1 July 2017
From 1 January 1954 to 30 June 195566 years1 July 2019
From 1 July 1955 to 31 December 195666 years and 6 months1 July 2021
From 1 January 1957 onwards67 years1 July 2023


If there’s any further questions related to the Age Pension in Australia, contact VEM for proper and detailed advice from our consultant – Mr Phong Cao (CEO of VEM) who is licensed by the Australian Government (MARN: 1577877). He’s capable of giving you the most suitable advice and tips for your specific case.

Step by step of a Contributory Aged Parent visa – Subclass 864

  • Step 1: Checking if you meet the requirements.
  • Step 2: Making the application.
  • Step 3: Your application is processed and placed in a queue.
  • Step 4: Access your application again.
  • Step 5: Paying the second instalment.
  • Step 6: Being granted a visa


processing time for 864 visa
Process of a Contributory Aged Parent Visa


Mr Phong Cao is responsible for providing you with the most accurate and updated information about your visa application process.

This is also one of the reasons why many clients have chosen VEM’s services. They can know exactly the stages of their application process.

Therefore, having VEM by your side while applying for a Subclass 864 visa would help increase your chance of getting a visa grant.

The cost of a Subclass 864 visa


Types of charges and feesThe amount of money (AUD)
For the visa applicantFor the accompany member
Apply for a Subclass 864 visa directlyFirst instalment4,225
    • Over 18 years old: 2,110
    • Under 18 years old: 1,060
Second instalment43,600
    • Over 18 years old: 43,600
    • Under 18 years old: free
Assurance of Support10,000


Apply for a Subclass 884 visa first. Then apply for a Subclass 864 visaFirst instalment4,155
    • Over 18 years old: 2,075
    • Under 18 years old: 1,040
Second instalment29,130
    • Over 18 years old: 2,095
    • Under 18 years old: free
Third instalment (for Subclass 864 visa)19,420
    • Over 18 years old: 19,420
    • Under 18 years old: free

Note: The fees listed above do not include a 1.4% surcharge.


There is an additional fee for each family member who applies with you. In addition, you are also required to pay for your health and police checks.


Moreover, the Australian migration regulations are updated constantly. Beside MARA, Mr Phong Cao is a member of the Migration Institute of Australia (MIA: 12648), so when working with VEM, clients will also be informed about any new changes.

Processing times of Subclass 864 visa


There are no official processing times for a Subclass 864 visa. However, according to our 10 years of experience of working as an Australian migration agent, the processing times are usually around 3.5 to 4 years.


This time can vary depending on your specific case.

Frequently asked questions

Where should I apply for a Subclass 864 visa?

You must apply for a Subclass 864 visa in Australia.

Does a Subclass 864 visa allow applicants to include members of the family unit?

Absolutely. The applicants can include their children who are under 23 and still dependent on them.

I’m currently holding a Subclass 864 visa. Can I travel to other countries freely?

Yes. You can travel in and out of Australia as many times as you want for 5 years from the date the visa is granted. You will need to apply for and be granted a Resident Return (RRV) so that you can re-enter Australia as a permanent resident.


The information provided in this article has been approved by Mr Phong Cao. Therefore, the article is completely trustworthy.

If you have any further questions, please leave a comment below or contact us via our hotline or email and we’ll contact you back as soon as possible.


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4 thoughts on “Subclass 864 visa allows your aged parents to apply while staying in Australia

  1. Juanito Caragay Jr says:

    I am 65 years old and my wife is 64 years old. What type of vusa fir us to permanently stay in Australia? Half of my children are Australian PR/Citizen.

  2. Endy says:

    my mum is 67 years old, shall I apply 143 or 864 for her ? are both has same process time ? friend of mine said 864 is quicker than 143. Is it correct ? For 864, does my mum need to stay in Australia all the time while the application is being processed ?

  3. Nely Pang says:

    By August 2023 I will be qualified to apply aged contributory visa 864. As per your information subclass 864 has to apple onshore. After lodging the application can I still travel in and out of Australia.
    Alternatively can I apply subclass 143 even I am at pension age as I prefer to Apply offshore
    Basically I prefer to apply offshore despite my age is qualified for age parent subclass 864.
    As long as after lodging the application I can travel in and outside Australia is ideal now

  4. Mohammad Zahangir Kabir says:

    My all the three kids are in Australia:

    Kazi Emon Mehdi, Elder Son, Australian Citizen living in Melbourne
    Kazi Sajid Kabir, Younger Son, Australian Permanent Resident living in Sydney
    Qazi Jafrin Kabir, Daughter, Studying in Melbourne, Australian

    Mohammad Zahangir Kabir (Father)

    Being my elder son Australian citizen, I availed
    VISITOR (Class FA) VISITOR (Subclass 600) Visas
    No. 1590110127060L
    No. 2189574171329
    No. 1069585253697

    Shahina Sultana (Mother)

    VISITOR (Class FA) VISITOR (Subclass 600) Visas
    Grant Number: 1060112673997Z
    Grant Number: 1069585254741
    There was no case of our visa refusal for Australia.

    I hold a PhD in Journalism and am a Retired Professor of Journalism and Media Studies, worked in Bangladesh and SAARC Countries. At present I myself and my wife are living in Sydney, Australia.

    We want to apply for Contributory Parent Visa so as to settle in Australia. I am wandering, which category Contributory Parent Visa will be suitable for us ! After lodging our Visa Application, we want to do some work in Australia till grant of our Visa.

    Kindly let me know.

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