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Subclass 309 visa – Can you earn a spot in the Partner visa approval list in 2023?

For 2022-2023 there are 40,500 partner visas are set to be granted by the Australian Government.

So what should you do to get yourself a Subclass 309 approval in 2023? Keep reading this article to hear what a 10-year-of-experienced migration consultant has to say about this.



What is a Partner visa – Subclass 309/100?

Subclass 309 visa

Subclass 309 visa is a provisional visa that allows you to stay in Australia until you are granted a Subclass 100 visa.


what is 309 visa subclass
What is a Partner (Provisional) visa – Subclass 309?


Subclass 100 visa

It’s a Partner (Migrant) visa for couples that have already held a temporary Partner visa (Subclass 309). This visa allows you to build a permanent life in Australia with your spouse.

Additionally, a Subclass 100 visa application can also be lodged at the same time as a Subclass 309. So that’s why people usually call it under a different name “A Subclass 309/100

The benefits of a Subclass 309 visa


Subclass 309Subclass 100
Residence benefitsLive with your spouse in Australia while the Subclass 100 is being processed.
    • Become an Australian permanent resident.
    • Have an opportunity to become an Australian citizen if eligible.
Free entries benefitsGetting multiple travels between your country and Australia.Travel in and out of Australia as many times as you want.
Studying and working benefits
    • Having unlimited hours to work in Australia.
    • Studying in Australia (with school fee exemptions).
    • Attend free English language classes that are provided by the Adult Migrant English Program up to 510 hours.
Sponsor family member benefitsInclude immediate family members  (must be in Australia) if they meet all the DHA requirements.
Social security benefitsReceive an Australian’s medicare and other social security programs.


visa 309 benefits
Benefits of a Subclass 309 – Partner visa


The requirements of a Subclass 309 visa


For the applicant

    • Must be 18 years old or older.
    • Must be outside of Australia during the application time and when the visa is granted.

For the sponsor

    • Must be an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen.
    • Have not sponsored more than 1 other person for a Partner visa or Prospective Marriage visa (subclass 300).
    • Have not sponsored another person on a Partner visa or Prospective Marriage visa (subclass 300) in the last 5 years.
    • The last time you were granted a Partner visa or Prospective Marriage visa (subclass 300) was less than 5 years.
    • Meet the health requirements
    • No criminal background

For both

    • Your marriage must be valid under Australian Law
    • Your relationship with your partner must both be committed to a shared life together, be honest and carry on.
    • Your relationship must be over 12 months (if not yet married).
    • Must meet the health requirements.
    • Must meet the character requirements.
    • Must be free of debt to the Australian government.
    • Not have had a visa cancelled or application refused.


After getting to know each other, you realize the other person is the one and you want to spend the rest of your life with them. VEM knows that a Subclass 309/100 will complete your happiness together.


However, we’d also like you to understand that even though the feeling is genuine, the possibilities of getting a visa rejection are quite high.


If you and your spouse can’t be together right now due to COVID-19 then how can you apply for a Subclass 309?

Or if you’ve provided evidence of your relationship, the Australian government may find it not persuasive enough. What should you do when this situation happens?

All you need to do is contact VEM for accurate and specific advice for your case.

Your romantic lives are precious and special and worthwhile. That’s why we want to assist you in overcoming the visa application process so that you and your spouse can soon reconcile.

The cost of a of Subclass 309 visa

Australia requires you to apply for both Subclass 309 and Subclass 100 visas at the same time, therefore, this following fee is for both visas.


Types of charges and feesThe amount of money (AUD)
For the visa applicantAUD8,085
For the accompany member
    • Over 18 years old: AUD4,045
    • Under 18 years old: AUD2,025
Others: health, criminal record, biometricsApproximately AUD300 per person

Note: The fees listed above do not include a 1.4% surcharge.


You won’t get a refund if your visa application is refused. Not to mention that all of your time and effort would go to waste. Therefore, you must prepare your documents with extra care to avoid this situation.

Processing times of Subclass 309 visa

Your visa processing times will depend greatly on the accuracy of your documents and papers.


Subclass 309Subclass 100
75% of applications are processed within29 months16 months
90% of applications are processed within38 months27 months


Problems relating to papers are the main reasons why couples can’t be together. For more than 12 years of working in Australian migration services, VEM has been approached by several customers with a variety of cases.


VEM sees that those mistakes in the visa documents can be avoidable. But if not fixed immediately, it can prolong the processing times. After working with VEM, many clients have said choosing VEM was the right decision. Their waiting time is usually shorter than the standard time on the official Australian Government website.


Mr Phong Cao (CEO of VEM) who is a member of the Australian Migration Institute (MIA) and he’s also licensed by the Australian Government (MARA) has advised clients to apply for Partner visas as soon as possible.

As a result, these clients have received their visas sooner than expected.

Step by step of a Partner visa – Subclass 309


  • Step 1: Checking whether you meet the requirements.
  • Step 2: Preparing the required documents.
  • Step 3: Applying for a Subclass 309/100 visa.
  • Step 4: Being granted a Subclass 309 visa.


subclass 309 processing time
The process of applying for a Partner visa – Subclass 309


What documents and papers are required when it comes to a Partner visa – Subclass 309/100


Types of documents

Identification papers

    • Copies of your certified birth certificate
    • Copies of your certified identification papers
    • Copies of your certified passport (within 6-month period starting from the beginning of your visa application)
    • Copies of your certified marriage certificate (if married)
    • Proofs that you had changed name before (if you have one)
    • 2 card images
    • Medical checkup
Proofs of financial commitment between you and your partnerSatisfy the financial requirements such as: using a joint bank account, regularly transferring money or sending gifts to each other, etc.

Proofs of relationship between you and your partner

    • Live together as spouses
    • Share responsibilities if having kids
    • Share household works
Proofs of social commitment between you and your partnerProofs that your relationship has been made public to your families and friends (photos with friends, hanging out with families, etc).
Proofs of long-term commitment between you and your partnerDiscussion about the future such as: having kids, working plans, etc.
Application formsVEM will provide these forms and instruct you


Common reasons for a Subclass 309/100 visa rejection

Knowing these mistakes would reduce the risk of your Subclass 309/100 visa being rejected. In most cases, the application for a Partner visa is refused due to:


Documents inaccuracy
    • Not submitting a proper application and sufficient documents
    • Unclear and inaccurate documents
    • Inaccurate translation in papers
Inaccurate relationship proofs
    • Unrealistic financial proofs
    • Unconvincing proofs of family and social commitment
    • There is an arrangement in your marriage
    • You met your partner as a child and the marriage was arranged
    • You meet your partner online and do not have any commitments
    • Give false answers during interview
    • Unable to give answer during interview
    • Both of you and your partner’s answers don’t match up


Client’s story

Congratulations to Ms. Thu Hoa Mai (a customer supported by VEM to apply for a subclass 309/100 Partner visa) who has just been granted a 100 visa!

VEM represented Ms. Hoa to submit subclass 309/100 marriage visa on June 16, 2021. Surprisingly, on March 29, 2022 (after about 9 months), Ms. Hoa was directly granted a subclass 100 permanent resident visa.

According to the Australian Immigration Department, the processing time for visa application 309/100 Australian Department of Immigration announced at that time was approximately 21-28 months.



Before applying for a visa at VEM, Ms. Hoa’s journey to apply for an Australian marriage visa encountered many difficulties:

  • She used to use the services of an unreliable company, so she was banned from applying for an Australian tourist visa (subclass 600) for three years.
  • Almost none of the agents accepted to do a Partner visa application for her.


Once again, congratulations to Ms. Thu Hoa Mai, Ha (her daughter) on becoming a permanent resident of Australia to settle down with Mr. Barry Wayne Hodges!


“We thought it would be maybe 6 or 12 months before we’re together again. But VEM facilitated everything really quickly, really simply”, said Mr. Macpherson James Sumner, VEM’s newest client.

After getting the Subclass 309 visa and settling down in Queensland, Australia, they sent a message to anybody who is going to apply for a Partner visa. Check out their experience that may be useful for you!



Frequently asked questions

Can I travel to Australia while waiting for a Subclass 309 visa to process?

Absolutely. You can visit Australia by applying for a Subclass 600 visitor visa.

Here at VEM, we’ll provide free services for Visitor visa if you use our services for a Subclass 309/100 visa.

Can I study on a Subclass 309 visa?

Yes, you can. You’re able to study in every Australian Institution with some school fees exemptions.

How can I prove my relationship between me and my partner?

You need to prove that your relationship is genuine and developing by meeting the 4 aspects of the relationship: financial, domestic, social and long – term commitment aspects.

Contact VEM for a consultancy session. One of our migration consultants will assist you with your application.

How long can I stay in Australia while having a Subclass 309 visa?

With a Subclass 309 visa, you can stay in Australia until a Subclass 100 is granted. In most cases, you can stay for 15 to 24 months in Australia.

However, after receiving a Subclass 309 visa, if the government finds your relationship committed together, they can immediately grant you a permanent resident visa.

Can I sponsor another family member? If yes then what requirements should I meet?

Yes, you can. However, there are a few requirements that you and that person have to fulfil:

  • Meet the DHA requirements
  • Must be offshore while applying for a visa
  • Meet the health and character requirements
If I’m outside of Australia when my Subclass 100 visa is approved, how long can I come back to Australia?

You must return to Australia before the date provided in your visa approval letter. You have one year to move to Australia starting from the date the visa is granted.

How many times can I travel in and out of Australia while having a Subclass 100?

With a Subclass 100 visa, you have 5 years to travel in and out of Australia as many times as you’d like. After 5 years, you must ask for an extension of the Resident Return – RRV.

This extension is really important. Due to the busy lifestyle in Australia, many people had forgotten this task. We can guarantee that VEM’s clients are not one of them. We make sure to remind you to complete required documents in time.

Can I get a refund from the Australian Government when my application is refused?

Unfortunately, this cannot happen. When you’ve already paid the fee, whether the visa can be approved or not, you still can’t get a refund. To avoid wasting your precious time and money, make sure you contact VEM for support.


We hope you find this article helpful to your migration pathway to Australia. Besides, the Australian Government will increase the approval rate for Partner visas. Thus, you need to act fast and start applying today.

To increase your possibilities of visa approval, you should contact VEM for professional advice and dedicated support.


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