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Let’s find out all about a Subclass 802 visa with VEM

Parents always want to live next to their children, especially when they are living overseas. Child visa – Subclass 802 is the best pathway that helps you and your children reunite and begin a new life in Australia.

For more information about this visa, keep reading the next parts of this article to find out.



What is a Subclass 802 visa?

This visa allows dependent children who are living outside of Australia to immigrate to Australia and live permanently with their parents.

You (applicant) must be onshore when lodging your visa application. This is the main difference between this visa and Subclass 101 visa (required the applicant to be offshore).


child visa 802
What is a Subclass 802 – Child Visa


Benefits of holding a Child visa – Subclass 802

With this visa, applicants can receive these benefits.


Residence benefits
    • Stay in Australia permanently.
    • Apply for Australian citizenship, if eligible.
Free entries benefits
    • Travel to and from Australia as many times as you want for 5 years from the date the visa is granted. This is as long as the travel facility on this visa remains valid.
    • You will need to apply for and be granted a Resident Return (RRV) so that you can re-enter Australia as a permanent resident.
Social security benefitsEnrol in Australia’s public healthcare scheme, Medicare.
Education benefitsHaving full study and work rights.
Sponsor family member benefitsCan sponsor another eligible family member


subclass 802 visa fee
Benefits when holding a 802 visa


To have a full understanding of those 5 benefits, you should contact VEM now. With more than 10 years of experience of working in migration, we’ll be able to give detailed information and explanations for you and your family.

Requirements of a Subclass 802 visa


For the applicants and the sponsor
    • The applicant must be the biological or adopted child or stepson/stepdaughter of the sponsor.
    • Meet the health and character requirements.
    • Must pay back debts to the Australian Government.
    • Not had a visa cancelled or application refused.
For the sponsor
    • Must be a settled Australian citizen, Eligible New Zealand citizen or Australian permanent resident.
    • Over 18 years old.
    • Have no criminal background, especially any crimes relating to children.
For the applicant
    • Under 18 years old
    • From 18 to 24 years old and must be a full-time student.
    • Over 18 years old and must be disabled. But this only applies to people who are not yet married or engaged.
If over 16 years old must provide a criminal record certificate.
Must be offshore while the visa is lodged and granted.


australia child visa
Requirements of a 802 visa – Applicants


bridging child visa
Requirements of a 802 visa – Sponsors


For more information about whether you’re qualified for the Subclass 802 visa or not, contact VEM today. Our professional migration consultant who is licensed by the Australian Government (MARN: 1577877) will support you to make sure you are eligible for this visa.

What documents and papers are required when it comes to a Subclass 802 visa?


Types of documents
For the applicants and the sponsorProof of your relationship
    • Copies of your certified household registration book.
    • Copies of the sponsor’s marriage registration.
    • Proof of the adoption.
    • Family photos.
Identification papers
    • Copies of your certified birth certificate.
    • Copies of your certified passport (within a 6-month period starting from the beginning of your visa application).
    • 4 card images 45mm x 35mm).
    • ID card.
    • Proof that you’ve changed name before (if any).
    • Medical checkup.
For the sponsorProof of your nationality
    • Copies of your certified birth certificate.
    • Proof that you’re a  settled Australian citizen, Eligible New Zealand citizen or Australian permanent resident.
OthersProof of the applicant’s situation.
For the applicantFinancial proofProvide proof about your income, taxation payment, etc so as to convince the DHA of your ability to take care of the applicants.
Police reportConfirmation from the police that you’ve stayed in Australia for at least 12 months.
    • Fill in form 40.
    • VEM will assist its clients in these forms.


These papers can usually get a bit overwhelmed and complicated so it may take a long time to complete. Additionally, all of these documents must be translated into English.


Moreover, the Australian migration regulations are updated constantly. Mr Phong Cao is a member of the Australian Migration Institute (MIA: 12648), so when working with VEM, clients will also be informed about any new changes about the necessary documents.

Cost of a Subclass 802 visa


Types of charges and feesThe amount of money (AUD)
The applicant2,710 AUD
The accompany family member
    • Over 18 years old: 1,355 AUD
    • Under 18 years old: 680 AUD

Note: The Subclass 802 visa fees listed above do not include a 1.4% surcharge.

Refund is not allowed whenever there’s a visa rejection. Hence, you are strongly advised to look for a professional and trustworthy migration agency.

Processing times of a Subclass 802 visa

  • 75% Of Visas Processed: 11 months
  • 90% Of Visas Processed: 27 months


VEM will update this information as soon as there are any new changes. Follow our official fanpage for the latest news about Australian visas: https://www.facebook.com/VEMAustralia

Responsibilities of the family when a Subclass 802 visa is granted

Like any other Family visas, a Subclass 802 requires both the applicants and sponsor to fulfill their obligations.


The applicantThe child and any dependants must obey all Australian laws.
The sponsorMust support the applicants in accomodation, food and drink, etc in the first two years in Australia.


If not, the Australian Government will reconsider and even terminate the Subclass 802 visa approval.

If you’re too busy with your own life in Australia, let VEM be your assistant while you’re applying for this visa. Because after the visa grant, VEM will continue to remind its clients to fulfill their responsibilities in the required time.

Frequently asked questions

Is a Child visa - Subclass 802 a temporary visa?

No. A Subclass 802 visa is a permanent visa. Applicants are allowed to stay in Australia indefinitely.

Can I add another family member in my Subclass 802 application?

The answer is yes, you can if that person is eligible. You can contact VEM today to receive consultation for your own case.

What is the difference between a Subclass 802 visa and a Subclass 101 visa?

Both of these visas allow children to migrate to Australia with their parents. However, a Subclass 802 visa lets applicants apply for it in Australia while a Subclass 101 visa must be applied outside of Australia.

Can I travel with a Subclass 802 visa?

Yes. You can travel inside and outside of Australia.


You are more than welcome to ask VEM any questions relating to the Subclass 802 visa. Make sure to leave a comment for your questions or contact us via our hotline. VEM will contact you back as soon as possible.


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  1. Ling says:

    Hello, my husband and I both got Australia PR in May this year and we will move to Australia on next year .
    My son got the student visa in early Jan this year and he will study in Australia in Feb on next year.
    My question : which visa I should apply for my son ? 101 or 802 ? He is in HK now but he will go to Australia in Feb on next year . I am confused the my son should wait his visa outside Australia after he applied by 101 or he only can apply it by 802 after he entre Australia ?
    He will turning to 24 yrs old in September 2022 and he will be a full time master law student from 2023. I am thinking he can apply the child visa before he turns to 25 yrs old in September 2023.
    Looking forward to hearing from you . Thanks


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