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Australian Visitor Visa – Subclass 600 will be the “ticket” to allow you to come to Australia to travel and discover great things about the country.

What is a Subclass 600 visa?

A Subclass 600 visa helps you travel and visit relatives in Australia.


It depends on the streams, purposes, and your circumstances, based on which the case officer of the DHA will decide on the visa duration. But usually, if you are young and applying for a Subclass 600 visa for the first time, Australia may only allow you to stay for 1 month.


Especially with this visa, Australia does not require English conditions! However, if you have a basic knowledge of English, it will be easier for you to adjust to life in Australia.

In order for your Australian travel journey to reap many interesting and meaningful things, you should refer to VEM’s English training program. This is a highly applicable program that helps you a lot during your stay in Australia.

Australian visitor visa – Subclass 600 has 5 streams which are for certain purposes including:

  • Tourist Visa
  • Sponsored Family Visa
  • Business Visitor Visa
  • Approved Destination Status Visa
  • Frequent Traveller Visa


Tourist visas and Sponsored Family visas are the most common streams for visitors.


visitor visa (subclass 600)
What is the Australian visitor visa 600 for?


Benefits of holding a Visitor visa – Subclass 600

Currently, there are 5 types of Australian tourist visas. Each type will have a separate length of stay and benefits:


Types of visas


Tourist stream

This is a visa that allows you to come to Australia for tourism, visiting relatives, convalescence, or other short-term purposes. With this visa, you cannot do business and receive medical treatment in Australia.

Business visitor stream

Helps foreign businessmen come to Australia to work, attend meetings, sign contracts, etc. During the validity of the visa, the applicant can only stay for 3 months, then have to leave Australia and come back.

Sponsored family stream

This is a Visitor visa for those who are sponsored by relatives in Australia. As such, you will be coming to Australia to visit your relatives.

Approved destination status stream
    • To apply for this visa, applicants must be citizens from certain areas of China.
    • This visa lets people from certain parts of China (excluding SARs) visit Australia with an organized tour group. You must leave Australia with your tour group at the time listed on your tour schedule.

Frequent traveler stream

Only used for people who are Chinese and travel often to Australia for business or other reasons. You must hold a passport from the People’s Republic of China (excluding SARs) and provide biometrics within your country before applying for this visitor visa stream.


Requirements of the Subclass 600 visa

You need to meet the following conditions and requirements:

  • Only study in Australia for short courses of less than 3 months.
  • Not allowed to work in Australia but may be able to do volunteer work while holding the Tourist stream.
  • Leave Australia before the visa expires.
  • Meet all requirements of health and criminal record.
  • Demonstrate personal financial ability.
  • Prove yourself able to pay the costs of living in Australia.
  • Provide reasonable schedule information during your stay in Australia.
  • Outside or in Australia when a visa is granted.
  • If you apply in Australia, you will be granted a Bridging visa to wait for a visitor 600 visa outcome.
  • If you are living in Australia for 12 months, you may receive a request for health insurance.


visitor subclass 600
The conditions and requirements of an Australian tourist visa


In addition to the general conditions, each type of Subclass 600 visa has different requirements that many people still do not distinguish. Specifically:


Tourist streamSponsored family streamBusiness visitor stream

Purpose of going to Australia

Provide clear and specific proof

Invitation letter

Must have

Include another family member

Not allowed. Must submit a separate visa application.

Who has to provide financial proof

The applicantThe sponsorThe applicant

Where to lodge the visa

    • Within Australia: if the applicant is in Australia with a certain type of visa and this visa is about to expire.
    • Outside Australia: with the remaining cases.

Where to receive the visa grant


If you do not know which visa you are suitable for in the above 3 categories, you can use VEM’s Australian tourist visa consulting service to help confirm.

At VEM, Mr. Phong Cao – consultant and head of the company will directly help you consider the possibility of eligibility.

Processing times of a Subclass 600 visa

When there’s no Covid-19, Australia only took a few weeks to approve Visitor visas. When the Covid-19 pandemic broke out, the question of “How long does a Subclass 600 visa take to process?” has become a major concern.


Tourist VisasSponsored Family VisaBusiness Visitor Visa
75% of applications are processed within63 days4 months24 days
90% of applications are processed within4 months5 months41 days


Australian Visitor visa is suitable for many people. Moreover, this visa processing time is significantly shorter than other visa types.


But, you should not apply for a visa when the profile is not perfect. If you do not prepare carefully, there is a high risk that you will fail your visa. This will definitely make it harder for you to apply for a visa again in the future.

Therefore, you should contact VEM to know how to make the proper Visitor visa application. Accompanying with VEM, make sure that when Australia reopens to tourism, you will be able to come to Australia as soon as possible.

Cost of a Subclass 600 visa

Different stream has different costs:



(not including 1.4% surcharge)

Tourist VisasApply outside of Australia: 150AUD
Sponsored Family Visa150AUD.

The DHA may ask your sponsor to pay for a security bond.

Business Visitor Visa150AUD.


In addition to the cost of applying for a visa, you must pay additional fees for police checks, health checks, biometrics, or other notarized documents if required.


Australian Visitor visa fee is one of the cheapest visa fees today. Maybe this won’t be a problem for you. But if you do not pay attention to the application, you are very likely to fail the Subclass 600 visa. As a result, subsequent Australian visa applications will be more difficult, because your application has been marked as a visa failure.


A typical example is the unfortunate case of a client who recently contacted VEM. Not only did she fail her Subclass 600 visa, but she was also banned from applying for a visa for three years.

The reason is that the unit making the application for her did not provide accurate information in the declarations. She came to VEM for support because she knew that VEM’s consultant was licensed by the Australian Government. Thus, you can rest assured of the information declared in your visa application.

To avoid falling into a similar situation, you should contact VEM to get an experienced immigration consultant to help prepare your application thoroughly.

Step-by-step of a Subclass 600 visa

After knowing the secret to make an accurate and complete Australian Subclass 600 visa, you need to know the visa process below:

  • Step 1: Prepare passport, health check before applying for a Subclass 600 visa.
  • Step 2: Gather all necessary documents.
  • Step 3: Submit application and visa application fee.
  • Step 4: Wait for the approval of your visa application.
  • Step 5: The Australian Government issues a Subclass 600 visa.

The head of VEM is Mr. Phong Cao – one of a few people licensed by the Australian Government to advise on Australian immigration.

At the same time, he is also a member of the Migration Institute of Australia (MIA: 12648). Therefore, he is always one of the earliest people to be informed when the Australian Migration law changes.

Thanks to this advantage, VEM’s clients are always updated with these changes quickly and accurately. From there, they can promptly prepare their applications with VEM and arrive in Australia successfully.

Especially after their Subclass 600 visa expired, many clients continued to use VEM’s service to apply for a second Australian Visitor visa.

Obligations after the Subclass 600 visa grant

The Australian Subclass 600 visa was issued with the purpose of helping foreigners to live and visit Australia for a certain period of time. But sometimes, you still wonder: “Can I work while holding a Subclass 600 visa?” or “How long can I stay?”.

You should immediately take a look at the obligations of the Australian tourist visa holder mentioned below for an answer.


Tourist visaSponsored Family visaBusiness Visitor visa
Working in AustraliaNot allowed
Visa extensionNot allowed
StudyWithin 3 months
The length of your streamUsually no more than 3 months/stay


Client’s successful story

After consulting with VEM’s professional specialist, Mrs. Thi Thuy An Duong and her husband – Mr. Brett Campbell Mcmiles decided to choose VEM as a representative to process the application for subclass 309 Partner visa.
While waiting for a Subclass 309, Mr. Phong Cao assisted her family in processing a tourist visa (subclass 600) so that she could go to Australia with her husband. And recently, Mrs. An has been granted a tourist visa by the Australian Government!


You also need to know that people often face many difficulties when applying for an Australian visa under the Subclass 600 partly because they do not have much experience in paperwork and procedures. The other part is that they do not know how to present the evidence to satisfy the requirements.

In addition, young single people are often classified by Australia as at risk of overstaying their visas. This is a situation that Australia always tries to control when issuing an Australian Visitor visa.


If you are having trouble getting a Subclass visa or have not found a way to convince the Australian Government that you will comply with your visa’s deadline, you should contact VEM. Because we are an experienced unit in this matter and have also supported many young people to apply for this visa.


Evidence for this information is the case of a specific client. With support from VEM, Ms. Diem Lin Truong successfully applied for a visa to travel to Australia.

Recently, Diem Lin also completed her wonderful Australia tour. Let’s look at Australia through the sincere sharing of this young woman through the video below.



Advice from our professional migration consultant

Mr. Phong Cao is still one of the few migration consultants who are licensed by the Australian Government (MARN: 1577877).


The visa application processWhat you should notice
Gathering documents
    • The application must contain all the documents required by Australia.
    • All documents you provide must be true, clear, and detailed enough.
    • You must have an invitation, confirmation, or other proof of your purpose of coming to Australia or an invitation letter or letter of sponsorship from a relative who is in Australia.
    • Must have proof that you will return to your host country before the Subclass 600 visa expires.
While your application is processedYou will probably be interviewed by phone suddenly. Therefore, you need to anticipate the questions that often appear to answer honestly, clearly, and completely.
While in AustraliaStrictly follow the number of days you’re allowed to stay.


Experience of children’s application for a Subclass 600 visa

Are children exempt from Australian Subclass 600 visas?

With a Subclass 600 visa, you cannot bring family members (including children) with you on your visa. If you want to bring your children to Australia, you must apply for a separate visa for them.

The procedure to apply for an Australian visa for children you must understand

To avoid the case that you pass the visa but the child fails, you should understand the Australian visa procedure for children. In addition, according to Australian regulations, if children under the age of 18 want to come to Australia with a Subclass 600 visa, they must be accompanied by someone over 18 years old.

What is the reason why the Australian visa application for children is refused?

To avoid visa refusal, the child also needs to meet the criteria that Australia sets for applicants (mentioned above in the article). In addition, if the child comes to Australia on a sponsored family visa, the child sponsor must also meet Australia’s requirements.

Therefore, you should look to an experienced immigration consultant like VEM for the best help.

Frequently asked questions

Can I extend my Subclass 600 visa?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Whether you hold a Visitor visa to visit your lover or any other type, you cannot extend that visa to stay in Australia. If you want to continue living in Australia after the Subclass 600 visa expires, you can apply for another visa or apply for a Subclass 600 visa again.

Is there an age limit for a Subclass 600 visa?

The answer is no. No matter how old you are, as long as you meet the conditions of the Subclass 600 visa, you are fully entitled to apply for this visa. However, people under the age of 18 must be accompanied.

How long does it take for a Subclass 600 visa to expire?

Currently, the Subclass 600 visa to Australia is valid from 3 to 36 months. Depending on the applicant’s case, the DHA will decide to issue a visa with an appropriate term.

Do I need to provide financial proof when applying for a Subclass 600 visa?

Whether you need to provide proof of finances when visiting depends on the visa category you choose.


After reading this article, you can have a general understanding of the Australian Subclass 600 visa. If you are unsure about the type of visa you choose, you can contact VEM to confirm your choice. We are always ready to support and advise you to realize your dream to Australia in the safest way.


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