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There are some changes in the Australian Migration Regulations in 2023. Accordingly, Partner visas including temporary and permanent are their top priorities. That’s why many couples took advantage of this to apply for a Partner visa in the past.

In this article, VEM will help you identify whether you’re qualified for Partner visas and which type of visa is suitable for you. Additionally, we’ll also provide you information about how to prepare for a visa application as well as useful advice from Mr Phong Cao – member of the Migration Institute of Australia (MIA).

The Australian Partner visas include both engaged and married couples. So that’s why we’ll use the term “Australian Partner visas” to make it easier for you to visualize what type of visas are mentioned.



What are Australian Partner visas?

A Partner visa allows your partner who is an Australian citizen or an Australian permanent resident or an eligible New Zealand citizen to sponsor you to come to Australia.

Depending on each stream of partner visas that allows you to stay temporarily or permanently.


spouse visa australia
There are requirements from your partner must be met for visas success


How many Subclasses of Australian Partner visas?

There are 3 Subclasses of Australian Partner Visas. Each type has some different requirements in relationship:


Besides partner visas, there are other family sponsored visas you may concern. VEM can help you find a suitable subclass visa so that you can sponsor your family members to immigrate to Australia.


Prospective Marriage visa – Subclass 300

A Subclass 300 visa is a temporary visa that allows you to live and marry your prospective spouse in Australia for 15 months. Your visa processing times will depend greatly on the accuracy of your documents and papers.


There are no standard processing times available for a Subclass 300 visa. However, with our experience, VEM’s consultants estimated the processing time will be around 9-12 months depending on your application.


apply for spouse visa australia
Prospective Marriage Visa – Subclass 300


Partner (Provisional) visa – Subclass 309/100

Subclass 309 visa is a provisional visa that allows you to stay in Australia until you are granted a Subclass 100 visa.

Subclass 100 visa is for couples that have already held a temporary Partner visa (Subclass 309). This visa allows you to build a permanent life in Australia with your spouse.


Subclass 309Subclass 100
75% of applications are processed within21 months12 months
90% of applications are processed within29 months18 months


Partner (Temporary) visa – Subclass 820/801

Subclass 820 visa is a temporary visa. This visa allows you to live in Australia temporarily until you get a permanent residency visa – Subclass 801.

After the visa being granted for 2 years since the time of application lodgement, you are eligible to apply for the PR Subclass 801 visa.


Subclass 820 (Temporary)Subclass 801 (Permanent)
75% of applications are processed within25 months9 months
90% of applications are processed within34 months16 months


apply for partner visa australia
Partner Visa – Subclass 820/801


The difference between three types of Australian Partner visas

All of these visas share many similarities. For example, the sponsor for the applicant must be an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen.

Check out this following table for detailed comparisons.


Subclass 300Subclass 309Subclass 820
Visa duration15 months since the visa grantUntil your Subclass 100 visa is grantedUntil your Subclass 801 visa is granted
RenewalCannot renew2 years after your Subclass 309 visa grant, if the Australian Government finds your relationship is genuine, you’ll receive a Subclass 100 visa. If not, you are still required to provide more proofs.After the Subclass 820 visa has been granted for 2 years since the time of application lodgement, you are eligible to apply for Subclass 801 visa.
Free English language classesNoneUp to 510 hoursUp to 510 hours
Where to beOffshore when the visa is grantedOffshore when the visa is appliedOnshore when the visa is applied


For more information about the mentioned visas, make sure you check out articles for each type of visa.


Beside marriage, Australia also allows other family visas that you should know in order to sponsor your family members.


Instructions on what to prepare for your Australian Partner visas application

What documents and papers are required when it comes to Australian Partner visas?


Types of documents
Identification papers
    • Copies of your certified birth certificate
    • Copies of your certified identification papers
    • Copies of your certified passport (within a 6-month period starting from the beginning of your visa application)
    • Copies of your certified marriage certificate (if married)
    • Proofs that you had changed name before (if any).
    • 2 card images
    • Medical checkup
Proofs of financial commitment between you and your partnerSatisfy the financial requirements such as: using a joint bank account, regularly transferring money or sending gifts to each other, etc.
Proofs of relationship between you and your partner
    • Live together as spouses
    • Share responsibilities if having kids
    • Share household works
Proofs of social commitment between you and your partnerProofs that your relationship has been made public to your families and friends (photos with friends, hanging out with families, etc)
Proofs of long-term commitment between you and your partnerDiscussion about the future such as: having kids, working plans, etc
Application formsVEM will provide these forms and instruct you


These papers can usually get a bit overwhelmed and complicated so it may take a long time to complete. Additionally, all of these documents must be translated into English.


australian spouse visa
Documents that need when applying for Australian Partner Visas


Each individual has their own situation so their documents may vary. Most of the failed application have something in common such as:

  • Not submitting a proper application and sufficient documents
  • Inaccurate translation in papers
  • Unconvincing proofs
  • Mistakes in your application because the applicant isn’t specialised in Australian migration


Applying for a Partner visa is a big decision in terms of your mentality and finance. If failed, you’ll waste a big amount of money up to 8,0850 AUD. Also, applying the second time might be even harder.


That’s why you should contact VEM from the start if applying for an Australian Partner visa is your intention. Because Mr Phong Cao (CEO of VEM) is licensed by the Australian Government (MARN: 1577877), he can definitely provide professional support for you.

Nevertheless, to ensure that you’ll receive the best support, VEM has two offices in both Australia and Vietnam. That’s why your visa procedures can process smoothly.

With more than 12 years of experience, VEM knows what problems may occur during your visa application process. We can guarantee you that we’ll assist you the best that we can to make this process easier for you both.

Ms Van Anh – VEM’s client has received her Subclass 300 visa grant three months after the first application. In this video, she shared what her case is and her overall experience of working with Mr Phong Cao and the entire team at VEM.



What you should know when lodging for Australian Partner visas


There is a limitation of partner sponsorship (your sponsor can only sponsor 2 times) and the gap between the sponsorship applications must be at least 5 years.


If your relationship is complicated, you need to prepare the application and supporting documents more thoroughly to persuade the case officer of the DHA that your relationship is genuine and developing.

You must answer these questions before applying:

About the sponsorship

  • How can I know if my spouse is an eligible sponsor?
  • My spouse has sponsored twice for a Partner visa, can I be an exception this time?
  • My spouse has divorce their ex-partner, but how can I provide proof for this?

About the documents

  • What is a complete document for a Partner visa?
  • How to convince the case officer of the DHA to approve my visa?
  • What should I display and what I should avoid when applying for a Partner visa?

VEM knows that applying for a Partner visa properly is not easy for inexperienced people. Therefore, being a reputable migration agent in Vietnam and in Australia, we’re always available to help you overcome these troubles. You should really consider VEM services.


spouse visa application australia
Notes about Sponsorship for Australian Partner Visas


Interview experiences for Australian Partner visas

Notes about Australian Partner visas

The questions asked by a case officer may be related to your partner’s personal information, working and daily life. What you have written on your relationship statements would be asked. So be sure that you remember the information you provided.


Be noticed that a case officer may call you at any time to confirm your information. Get yourself ready for unexpected interviews.


Currently, VEM has a special offer for customers who sign a client agreement for a partner visa with us. For more details, you can find out the information on our special offers at VEM.

Some questions you may be asked during interviews


Types of questions

Personal questions
    • Your partner’s name, date of birth, hometown
    • Is this the first time you two get married?
    • Do you have any children together? If yes, how old is the child?
Hobbies/Leisure activities
    • Your partner’s hobbies
    • The last time you two travel together
    • Have you visited Australia or has your partner visited your country before? If yes, when was that?
Working experiencesQuestions about your partner’s occupation, workplace
Relationship related questionsYour relationship history? How long have you been in the relationship? Have you and your partner been together? If yes for how long?
Future intentions
    • When are you going to get married?
    • What’s your plan for the wedding?
    • Will the wedding be in Australia or somewhere else?
    • What’s your plan after the wedding?
    • Do you plan on having kids? If so, when is it?


Frequently asked questions

How many times can I sponsor?

There is a limitation on partner sponsorship (a sponsor can only sponsor 2 times) and the gap between the sponsorship application must be at least 5 years (there are exceptional circumstances).

If one of us has criminal records, how will it affect the visa application process?

Depends on who violated the laws (the sponsor or the applicant). Especially, if that crime is related to domestic abuse or not.

This is a complicated case. For a more specific and accurate answer, you should contact VEM immediately for advice from Mr Phong Cao.

My partner is in Australia and wants to sponsor me to Australia? Do we need to provide financial proofing?

This is not necessary. The Australian Government only requires the sponsor to have a full-time job. In case you don’t meet this requirement, contact VEM for solutions.

Can I apply for a Prospective Marriage visa while travelling to Australia?

As mentioned, you must be offshore when the visa is granted. If your Visitor visa excludes the 8503 provision, you can totally travel then get married in Australia.

How long does it take to sponsor my spouse?

It depends on whether your application applies onshore or offshore. The processing time for your application applied onshore is from 16 to 23 months and offshore is from 12 – 14 months.

What are the solutions if my application is refused?

If your visa is refused you or your partner can apply for an appeal with the Administrative Appeals Tribunal. Book an appointment with one of our migration consultants for detailed advice when you get your visa refused.


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