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Visa 590

Many parents who bring their children to Australia often want to stay with them to look after them. To meet this demand, the Australian Government designs a visa called Guardian Subclass 590 Visa to. With this Australian guardian visa, guardians can support their children with accommodation, general welfares and other supports.

Visa Úc cho người giám hộ du học sinh

Visa 590 – What is the Australian guardian visa?

Guardian visa 590 (Subclass 590) is issued for the purpose of guardian care and support for students under the age of 18 or over 18 who need special care. This Australian guardian visa is highly humane, suitable for many cases.

Therefore, the applicant for a guardian visa must be a parent/ guardian of an international student, or an adult over 21 years of age authorized by the parent. In order to facilitate the procedure, during the preparation of the student visa application, parents should also consider their needs for guardianship visas.

While in Australia, guardians are not allowed to bring family members under 6 years old, except in special cases.

Conditions Australian guardian visa for guardians

Owning a 590 visa, guardians can accompany international students to Australia. However, in order to be granted a guardian visa by the Australian Government, a 590 visa applicant must:

  • Meet the requirements of health and criminal records
  • Have sufficient funds to cover their, dependent’s and student’s expensives
  • Buy health insurance for each individual
  • Have no debts to the Australian Government
  • Temporary residence in Australia

In addition, Australian guardian visa applicants must also provide biometric information if requested by the Australian Department of Immigration. Australian Immigration will specify where to get biometric information. The process is not too complicated so you do not need to worry.

Requirement after being a guardian visa 590

Unlike most other types of visa, Australian guardian visa holders need to meet requirements after being granted a visa. The Australian Government sees these requirements as a way to protect the interests of both guardians and international students:

  • Guardians must fully comply with visa conditions and Australian laws. If violated, the visa will be canceled.
  • Must live with, must provide accommodation, benefits and other support for international students
  • Do not leave Australia without an international student
  • You must buy health insurance for yourself and your dependents
  • Guardians are not allowed to work in Australia

As such, you need to pay attention to these regulations to ensure you do not encounter unfortunate problems. Understanding the law is always a benefit!

Visa application file Australian guardian visa

You should not see the list below and feel discouraged, VEM is listing all the documents you need to prepare to make the 590 visa application process more convenient in time. In fact, it won’t take you too long to collect all the documents:

  • Demonstrate financial
    • Evidence of ability to pay travel and living expenses for 12 months for themselves and accompanying children (if any)
    • Applicants themselves need a minimum of 19,830 AUD / year
    • Proof of spouse (who is not going to Australia) will support you, your children. This person must have a minimum income of 70,000 AUD / year.
  • Health Insurance
  • Personal documents:
    • Birth certificate (with full name of both parents)
    • Current passport pages of each applicant (with photo, personal information, issue & expiry date)
    • 2 new passport photos taken with the name on the back
  • Application 157N (Nominee for Student Sponsors)
  • Some temporary documents:
    • Situation at hometown
    • Potential circumstances in Australia
    • History of entry
    • Things related to temporary living plans in Australia
  • In addition, evidence of temporary living in Australia should be presented, such as:
    • Proof of direct family members in the country
    • Visa or status of residence in the country and the right to return
    • Proof of domestic assets
    • Return plane ticket
    • Superior’s confirmation of leave of annual

Have all of your documents in Australian guardian visa file ready to translate all documents into English. Then you scan these documents. When requested, you must attach scanned documents to the online application and provide notarized copies.

Advice from the expert

There are many people who are delayed or denied a visa not because of ineligibility, but because of improper documentation. Do not let your journey be interrupted just for such reasons! In addition, preparing yourself a little “capital” of English is never redundant for the guardian. Check out the information on VEM’s English training if you don’t want to fumble with your arrival in Australia.

If your child is considering choosing courses in Australia, VEM’s Australian study abroad program can be a great help for you. In case your children is holding an Australian graduate visa, you should contact VEM to know what kind of visa you can apply for being sponsored to reunite with your family in Australia.

Follow VEM’s website to stay up to date on necessary information about Australian guardian visa. You can also contact for advice on settling Australia completely free of charge by VEM experts through the channels:

Victory Education Migration

Headquarters: 364 Dien Bien Phu Street, Wards 17, Binh Thạnh District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Australia Office: Level 24-25, 108 St Georges Terrace, Perth WA 6000, Australia

Email: admin@vemvisa.com

Website: vemvisa.com

Hotline: (+84) 28 38982298 (VN); (+61) 433571381 (Aust)

Your entire journey has VEM’s companion

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